Sawyer’s Snack Box



About this Product

Healthy Treats For Happy Feets!

The goodness of preservative-free, fresh real food ingredients in a 4 package snack box!

Give the gift of tasty and healthy snacks to your favourite pooch, a friend’s pup or a 4-legged foodie that you know who will think you the best human out there!

Sawyer’s Snack Box includes: 1 Black Lab Ginger Beer Cookies (12 pcs), 1 Sweet Potato Pups (100 grams), 1 Banana Barley Biscuits (12 pieces), 1 Liver Rosebuds (125 grams).

Ingredients: Black Lab Ginger Beer Cookies (all purpose wheat flour, brewers barley grain, coconut oil, black strap molasses, honey, whole eggs, raw ginger, yeast extract, chicory root, lactobaccilus, elderberry extract, thyme extract, vitamin E oil) Sweet Potato Pups (dehydrated sweet potato), Banana Barley Biscuits (brewer’s barley grain, oat, banana, peanut butter, apple, flour, cinnamon) Liver Rosebuds (dehydrated Canadian beef liver).


Just like my fresh prepared pet meals, Tom&Sawyer chef-prepared treats ade made in-house with real, whole food ingredients, with no preservatives or fillers!