Your Pet Nutrition Experts.

Tom&Sawyer’s team of veterinarians, pet nutritionists, food scientists, chefs, nutraceutical partners and farmers work together for your pet’s health and happiness.  Our high quality meals and broths promote positive pet health outcomes to help reduce future vet bills and promote pet vitality.

Fit For You. Formulated For Your Pets.

Tom&Sawyer created our fresh pet meals to be the world’s highest quality pet nutrition. We prepare gently cooked meals following the same strict regulations as human food providers, while meeting the specific nutritional needs for dogs and cats.

Human Tested.
Pet Approved.

Tom&Sawyer is passionately against cruel, AAFCO animal-feeding trials, where caged, lab-bred dogs are fed chemical preservatives and cheaper fillers to see if they are “safe.” Our meals contain only fresh ingredients that we eat every day and are proven safe!

Transparency and Accountability.

Visit us in-store or online to see for yourself how our pet meals are made and handled. Tom&Sawyer’s chefs make all of our meals and bone broths in our open, commercial kitchen. We are the first company to meet the stringent requirements of the Fresh Cooked Pet Food Alliance!

Safe Ingredients.

Don’t feed your family pet what you wouldn’t eat yourself. There’s a reason why pet food is always found in the cleaning supply aisle of every grocery store. We sell our meals, treats and bone broths directly to you, and through trusted retail partners.

Preventative Nutrition.

Optimal nutrition is different for every pet and their family. Whether your budget allows for a 100% Tom&Sawyer diet or a mix-in/topper as a nutritional booster, you will be helping to prevent future illness and costly vet bills. Our meals and broths improve pet microbiome, which helps promote health.  Your pet relies on you for every life decision. We help make your food decision more informed.

How it Works:

Order online and choose how you want to conveniently get your Tom&Sawyer pet meals, broths and treats.  We have numerous options for customers living in the Greater Toronto area including in-store pick up, pick up at over 20+ Penguin Pick Up locations, and local delivery to your front door, depending on order size.  We also courier orders directly to customers across Canada, and can ship to the US and anywhere globally, with certain conditions and restrictions. Visit our How It Works page for a more detailed overview.

Step 1:
Browse our gently cooked dog or cat meal recipes, treats, and bone broths.

Step 2:
Use the dog feeding guide or cat feeding guide (also on every meal page) to calculate exactly how much to order and feed your pet.

Step 3:
Select how to receive your Tom&Sawyer pet meals at check out: Toronto area Local Delivery, Tom&Sawyer in-store pick up, Penguin Pick Up Locations, or Courier – Canada / US / Global.