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Fresh Meals.

We have trained professional chefs who care about quality, only use top restaurant ingredients and follow public health guidelines for human food.

For Dogs & Cats.

Feeding our fresh and tasty meals makes our pets live happier, healthier and longer lives.  This makes our entire family happier and healthier!


We try to make feeding fresh and nutritious pet meals as convenient as possible. Your pets deserve it, so we ship right across Canada!

“Within weeks his eye condition completely cleared up. For the past year his big beautiful almond shaped Bowie eyes are clear and open wide allowing him to easily see, stalk and chase the many squirrels on our hikes together.”Cara Gerstein, PMCT

Read Cara's full testimonial on how Tom&Sawyer Fresh Prepared Pet Meals changed the lives of herself and her loyal companion Tyson...

The testimonials are in. Tom&Sawyer pets are raving!

Full diet, partial diet, or tasty take-out treat!
Tom&Sawyer has a nutritious plan for
every loyal companion!

  • Preservative free, no filler
  • Restaurant quality ingredients
  • Chef prepared in our open kitchen
  • Diets for medical conditions
  • Real food nutrition
  • Gently cooked in small batches
  • Tasty to even the pickiest of eaters!
  • Promotes pet health & wellness


Dogs & cats fed Tom&Sawyer meals have improved energy and vitality. Our food solves many pet sensitivities relative to allergies, food and weight management. Vet visits are transformed to a good bill of health!

Longer Lives

A full, rich life that is long lasting. That’s what we all want both for ourselves and in life with our pets! Nutrition is so important, as is excitement for mealtime for mental health. At Tom&Sawyer we do our part to promote longer pet lives.


It’s time to unlock the “four-legged foodie” in your family! Real food and variety in meals makes your pet so much happier, which helps make the entire family happier. If your pet could speak, they would ask for Tom&Sawyer every meal time.

Tom&Sawyer Delivers

While feeding fresh meals can transform the health and happiness of your pet, it is clearly a bit less convenient than feeding that stuff in bags only sold in the cleaning supply aisle of the grocery stores. We feel that nutrition and fresh meals is so transformative for your pets that we do everything possible to make the Tom&Sawyer experience as convenient as possible.

You can order your meals online and choose from one of these simple methods to get your dog and/or cat meals orders:

  • Priority Courier across Canada (minimum 12lb pet meals required in order)
  • Pick-up - order online and conveniently pick up your order at our Toronto retail store or one of our growing list of pick-up partner locations (Penguin Pickup) across Ontario
  • VIP Local Toronto delivery - for our most loyal subscription customers with large orders