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Trick or Treat: Treats your Pets Should Avoid

It's spooky season! And while we may want to include our fur-family in on all the fun there are some treats that we should beware of...

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Nutritional Considerations for Cats

Cats have their own set of nutritional requirements different from dogs. The more you know the more confident you can be when choosing your pets diet.

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Why Does my Pet Need Antioxidants?

Antioxidants are important nutrients to consider as part of your cat or dog's diet.

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Understanding Allergies & How To Help

Adverse food reaction is an umbrella term used for food allergies, sensitivities, intolerances, or any negative response to a component of food.

Top 10 Tips for Safe Weight Loss for Dogs

A comprehensive list of the top 10, science-backed tips for safe weight loss in dogs

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What Does “Healthy Fat” Mean For Pets?

Both dogs and cats need fats in their diet! Fats are used throughout the body and can provide many benefits for pets. Certain fats may be better than others.

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Top 6 Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil in Pet Food

Hemp seed oil is full of nutrients that are beneficial for you, but also your pets!


Tom&Sawyer Subscribe & Save Meal Plan Program

Tom&Sawyer rewards pups and kitties who visit us regularly to stock up on all their favourite meals! (please read temporary policy change from March 16, 2020)

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Nutrients VS Ingredients!

Often times it feels like a battle between the two… but did you know that both are equally as important as the other?

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Defining Energy Requirements For Your Pet

Did you know that energy is not actually a nutrient? Rather, nutrients provide energy. And more specifically, those nutrients are proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

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Transitioning Your Pet To Their New Diet

Introducing a new diet to your pet is an exciting change! But an abrupt change in diet can result in poor digestive health for your dog or cat.

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Please click post see the store hours for curbside pick up this 2020 Holiday Season so that our busy pet meals kitchen elves can have a rest!

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Attention: Holiday Delivery Order Cut Off Dates For December

Please take a moment to read through our December courier cut off dates and make sure to get your Tom&Sawyer orders in early!



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5 Ways To Protect Your Dog In The Summer Heat

We need to proactively check for any signs of dehydration or heat exhaustion in our pets because they can't always let us know when they are uncomfortable.

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Dietary Requirements At Every Life Stage

Each stage in a dogs life will require a different diet that caters to their current needs.

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Top 5 Benefits of Our Farmers Market Recipe

This recipe is perfect for keeping your dog hydrated and healthy with a delicious blend of chicken, apples, carrots and spinach!

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Top 5 Benefits of Our B’apples Recipe

The simplicity of fresh and tasty ingredients is the backbone of this recipe. This incredible recipe has everything your dog needs to fuel their day.

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Please read our important procedures for 1247 Queen Street East for any IN-STORE PICK UP orders

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Pancreatitis In Dogs – Signs & Diet Management

Even if your dog is not showing symptoms, it is a good idea, to educate yourself about Pancreatitis and tips to prevent it before an attack arrives.

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Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Apple

Apples are an economical and tasty snack, full of important nutrients, so you never have to feel guilty about giving into those puppy dog eyes.

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Top 5 Benefits of Our Good Morning Sunshine! Recipe

Start your loyal companion’s day off on the right paw with the goodness of beef, oatmeal, and blueberries in our Good Morning Sunshine! recipe.

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Top 5 Benefits of Our Turkey Dinner Recipe

Our Turkey Dinner recipe is low in fat and contains limited ingredients to help dogs suffering from Pancreatitis, GI issues or certain food sensitives or allergies.

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Top 5 Benefits of Our Pork Sweet Potato Hash Recipe

Our Pork Sweet Potato Hash recipe is the talk of the dog park! This recipe is very high in moisture and flavour to keep those picky eaters interested.

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Top 5 Benefits of Our Italian Beef Pasta Recipe

Check out the incredible health benefits that come from feeding our Italian Beef Pasta recipe to your canine companion.

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Fresh, Not Refined.

Tom&Sawyer takes fresh food nutrition very seriously. Pets are our family, let's feed them that way.

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The Only Commercially Owned & Operated Pet Meal Kitchen!

Did you know that Tom&Sawyer is Canada’s only independently owned and operated commercial pet food kitchen? Each one of our pet meals are prepared and packaged here in Toronto!

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Benefits of Blueberries in Your Dogs Diet

Blueberries are not only a wonderful snack for your pup (frozen or fresh) but they are also considered a superfood for humans and dogs alike!

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Can My Dog Eat Potato?

People have had many concerns about feeding potatoes to dogs, but, in actuality, they are a healthy grain replacement and a great source of energy!

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Are Grains Healthy For My Dog?

Over the years, there has been a lot of back and forth on whether or not grains are good for dogs. So which is it?

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5 Reasons Dogs Should Eat Rabbit

Looking for a meat source, for your dog, that is extremely high in protein and very low in fat? Rabbit meat is one lean, mean protein!

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Published Study Finds Human-Grade Gently Cooked Pet Food Highly Digestible

An exciting recent study published in a USA peer-reviewed journal on the high digestibility of a commercially made fresh cooked diet for dogs using human-grade ingredients.

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As Fed Vs. Dry Matter

The real testament to the nutrients that are in your dog's food are shown through dry matter.

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COVID-19 Response at Tom&Sawyer

At Tom&Sawyer, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety at all times of our team, our customers and their beloved pets. CHECK HERE FOR CURRENT COURIER POLICY

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Taurine In Dog & Cat Meals

The question has come up more and more these days; do dogs and cats need taurine added into their diet?

Behind The Scenes Testimonials

Sawyer’s Spotlight: Bella & Sofia

These two tiny yorkie sisters have recently joined our pack of loyal companions.

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Tom&Sawyer Pet Meal Guide

We've recently put together a Pet Meal Guide as a quick overview of all things to do with Tom&Sawyer.

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Penguin Pick-Up in the GTA: An Easy Way to Receive Your Orders!

Order at least $40 of pet meals, treats and extras on our website and have them sent to your nearest participating Penguin Pick-Up location or UPS Store for FREE pickup.

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Tom&Sawyer Featured in Greybrook Magazine

Greybrook Magazine recently tells the story of Tom&Sawyer's quest to develop the best cat and dog nutrition in the world through cooked pet food.

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Tom&Sawyer Fresh Prepared Pet Meals: Why We Exist!

Tom&Sawyer co-founder Kristin Matthews explains how and why we came to be. Tom&Sawyer pet Meals are gently cooked, exclusively with human edible, whole food ingredients, all made in house!

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Toronto Local Delivery: Weekly delivery direct to your home!

Customers who order at least 14lbs of pet meals (or equivalent dog/cat) get convenient, free local delivery right to your door in the Greater Toronto Area.

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2019 Canada’s Food Guide: A Dog’s Breakfast? It Should Be!

Does your pet’s dinner look anything like the plate in the photo? If it doesn’t then take a moment to assess your dog or cat’s diet plan and choose to make some healthy changes for them in 2019.

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Tom&Sawyer’s Kristin Matthews Profiled on Live Green Perks

Our very own Kristin Matthews has been featured on the Live Green Toronto blog! Follow the link below to read about why being green is important to us at Tom&Sawyer.

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Toronto.com Features Our “Paw-liday” Dog Rescue Charity Stockings!

Spread holiday cheer to rescued pets! Tom&Sawyer is selling "Paw-liday" stockings filled with preservative-free treats to help two Toronto dog rescue organizations.

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Doghouse of Horror, Toronto’s Only Haunted House for Dogs!

Enter the DOGHOUSE OF HORROR! Toronto’s only Haunted House for Dogs! Presented by Tom&Sawyer and the Ontario SPCA Provincial Education & Animal Centre.

Behind The Scenes Testimonials

Tom&Sawyer Spotlight: Simon Says

The Leslieville Tom&Sawyer retail store had been open for only a month in 2016 when we received a memorable visit by Simon and his mom Michelle.

Pet Health Testimonials

The Dramatic Health Improvements of Ouzo the Pug After Switching to a Fresh Food Diet

Ouzo the Pug's medical file was so large his vet named an entire room after him. Here, Natale, his mom, describes the changes in his health after moving to a whole food diet with our Kangaroo recipe.

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The Benefits of Bone Broth for Cats and Dogs

Our bone broths are nutrient-dense, easy for your pet to digest, rich in flavour and boost healing in the body.

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Debunking Pet Food Myths and Misconceptions

Learn about what AAFCO feeding protocols really mean and why you should be concerned if your pet's food needs to perform one.

Behind The Scenes Pet Health Testimonials

Loyal Companion Spotlight: Sandra & Sorina—This "Foster Fail" Gets A New Lease on Life!

It only made sense that February’s Spotlight for our Loyal Companion is about sweet Sorina because she stole our hearts as quickly as she stole her mom’s.