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Save our Scruff 101 Event

Meet some eligible scruffs ready for adoption at Tom&Sawyer at Save Our Scruff's SOS 101 Event! While you are there ogling over the cuteness of the scruffs you can also learn more about fostering, pick up some new merch and find out more about how to get involved!
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Adopt-A-Dog Pop Up Shop, Saturday June 23rd

Join on us at Tom&Sawyer Fresh Prepared Pet Meals (1247 Queen St. East) on Saturday, June 23rd, from 11am to 5pm, as we host the Adopt-A-Dog Pop-Up Shop! Come meet the adorable and adoptable dogs from Canine Haven Rescue, Save Me Rescue, Safehome Animal Rescue, and Team Dog Rescue.
Pet Health

A Dog’s Sense of Taste

Dogs did indeed evolve from the wolf but the domesticated dog is a far cry from these wild animals. Learn about their sense of taste and how they develop food preferences.
Pet Health

What Does a Cat Taste?

Cats love fat, protein and care about texture. They can't taste sweet and avoid bitter. Learn more about the fascinating world of the feline flavour profile.