Delivery Details

We deliver across Canada!

Frozen food delivery available for orders starting at 12 dog meals or 18 cat meals

ORDER TIME CUT-OFF: We require up to 24 hours after receiving your order to process it. If the order date is less than 24 hours before our last delivery date in the below grid, it will be held until the next available delivery date or you can call to pick up in store or use Penguin Pick Up in the GTA. Please email should you wish to change your delivery method before you receive the delivery confirmation email.

Tom&Sawyer Thermal Shipping Boxes: We courier frozen pet meal orders in special recyclable thermal boxes to maintain temperatures below 4C for up to 3 days in normal conditions.  The product remains frozen/cold primarily due to the thermal density of the pet meals in the box which is why we have frozen food minimum order levels.

For the GTA, please take advantage of our Penguin Pick Up service!  FREE with a $20 order!

Shipping Area Delivery Fee Delivery Days
Toronto (M Postal Codes) Free Local Delivery Tuesday (East End) Wednesday (West End)
Greater Toronto Area (except Toronto) Free Courier Service Monday to Wednesday (next day delivery)
Ontario & Quebec (outside GTA)* Free In Many Areas!

Calculated at checkout: maximum $25

Monday to Wednesday (next day delivery)


Remote Areas of Canada* Calculated at checkout, if possible: rates $50 and up Monday & Tuesday only (1 or 2 day transit time)
Outside Ontario Calculated at checkout: starting at $40 Monday & Tuesday (1 or 2 day transit time)

1 BOX: 12 to 28 DOG MEALS

2 BOXES: 29 to 56 DOG MEALS

3 BOXES: 57 to 84 DOG MEALS


Volume discounts apply for bulk orders starting at 28 dog meals. Click here for details!

*Remote locations in Canada may not have express courier available. If no shipping cost is calculated for your area, please feel free to contact us to see if we can provide a shipping option. By accepting the shipping quote to a remote Canadian address, you also accept 100% responsibility if there is a failure by the third party shipping company to deliver your order in an acceptable time/condition to ensure the food is still safe.  Tom&Sawyer unfortunately cannot be responsible for these orders once they are in the possession of our third party courier partners, and we are unable to insure perishable food with any courier partner.

Treats Orders:  We can ship our shelf-stable treats to any location as long as no frozen meals or broths are included in the order, or treats are added to a frozen pet meal order that meets the minimum 12lbs threshold.


For US orders, Tom&Sawyer is an FDA-approved Registered Food Facility and uses the FDA Prior Notice system to expedite the Customs clearance of our pre-approved pet meal products.  Even with this, Customs inspections at the Canada/US border are unpredictable with some orders passing through quickly, and others getting held for days and the pet meals spoiling.  Tom&Sawyer loses ownership and control of these shipments once in the hands of our courier partners, and information from Customs is limited when held for inspection. Because of this, all shipments are FOB-Shipping Point.