Custom Vet Diets for Dogs

NOTICE: Due to popular demand and current limitations to address all requests, we are unable to accept any new submissions for custom vet diets. Please review our Specialized Diets section for potential options to suit your pet’s dietary needs or contact us at and we will provide you with potential options within our product line, if possible.

Specialized Diet Menu


Does your dog have a specific medical condition that requires a custom diet, and you want them to eat high quality, wholesome, real food free of preservatives?  We work with veterinarians (both traditional and holistic) across the country to develop custom vet diets for dogs.  Working with your vet, our team of pet nutrition and culinary experts develop custom fresh pet meals to address any number of factors to improve your dog’s health.  We have vast experience doing specific meals to address allergies, food sensitivities, low-fat and reduced protein (yet still providing the highest quality protein) needs, specific vitamin and mineral requirements, and just about any other type of diet requirements. We feel that optimal, real-food nutrition is even more crucial when your dog has an underlying medical issue that requires a modified diet.

We require a minimum 30 dog meal package order for our custom vet diets, but remember that our fresh-frozen preservative-free meals have been tested to last over a year in the freezer with no impact on quality, so it is easy to stock up!

For more information, please fill out the information below and submit a request for us to follow up with you about custom vet diets.  Every day more vets are contacting us about specific cases and we are excited by the highly positive results these custom vet diets are having helping nourish these dogs and bringing relief to their families.

There is an upfront $150 deposit for the initial consultation and formulation but it will be applied later against your first order

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