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The Tom&Sawyer 5 Promises:

    1. We only use top restaurant quality ingredients so your pet is actually getting healthy and nutritious real meats and vegetables, which is what you expect but unfortunately never get from pet food makers as they use deceptive marketing and labelling.  Read about the deception behind “Human-Grade” here
    2. All of our meals are nutritionally balanced specifically for cats and dogs by our Pet Nutritionists, Veterinarians and Chefs to derive the maximum nutrition from real food ingredients with minimal vitamin and mineral supplementation.  This is the exact opposite of the pet food industry.
    3. We voluntarily follow stringent public health guidelines for human food production, to combat the lack of regulation in the pet food industry, so you actually know what is in your pet’s food and that it has been safely made where you can eat it!  How we make our Pet Meals and Treats is fully transparent – we have an open-concept kitchen in our retail store so you can visit and see every step of our process, at all times, and ask questions of our team.  We invite you to Visit Us!
    4. Our Pet Meals and Treats are made daily by culinary school trained Chefs, not factory workers, to ensure all pet meals are optimally handled and prepared.
    5. All of our Pet Meals and treats are gently cooked to maximize nutritional value while minimizing the chance of food-borne illness.  At Tom&Sawyer, our food scientists, veterinarian advisory team and pet nutritionists do not believe in feeding raw meat to dogs and cats.  You can read more about the dangers of raw here.

Read more about each of our 5 promises here