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Our Treats are completely different than the other dog and cat treats on the market:

  1.  Our treats use only 100% real food ingredients.  Talk about Natural!
  2. No Preservatives.  Research shows that chemical preservatives are one of the biggest health concerns for our cats and dogs today.  Try to find another dog or cat treat without preservatives!  That’s why other brands of treats come in big bags and never spoil.
  3. Made for training.  Treats play an important role in pet training, used as a reinforcement for positive behaviour.  Training requires the liberal feeding of treats, so they need to be incredibly tasty (of “high value” as trainers say), healthy and low calorie.  All of our treats meet these criteria.
  4. There is no added sugar or salt in any of our treats.  Both are bad for pets (just like us).
  5. All of our treats, just like our meals, are made following public health guidelines for human food.  This means they are human food, so you can eat them along with your pet! (Our Tom&Cheese crackers are a staff favourite!)


– Remember, our treats are all natural with no preservatives, so they have a shorter shelf life than traditional pet treats.  This is similar to buying fresh, natural bread at a farmer’s market versus at the grocery store (days versus weeks of shelf life).
– we recommend you store your treats in a cool, dry place and do not feed them once they start to mold.  Where you store them significantly impacts how long they will last, as will being careful not to put a wet hand (dog saliva) into the bag and then closing the zip seal.  That will grow bacteria really fast.
– for best results, we recommend storing your treats in the fridge when you aren’t using them.
– Our fresh treats sometimes have a light dusting of oat flour on them (white), so don’t mistake that for mold by accident!