Our Philosophy

Do you trust your pet’s food enough to eat it yourself?  We do.

Tom&Sawyer takes fresh food nutrition for cats and dogs seriously. Pets are our family after all.

They should eat real food that is safe for them and can be trusted to be what it says it is.  Too many pets are developing preventable illnesses, with most research demonstrating a direct link to feeding highly refined and processed kibble and canned food and declining pet health.  Couple that with an unregulated pet food market where deceptive labelling confuses consumers, and most people aren’t actually feeding their pets what they think they are buying!  Our pets can’t clearly communicate with us, and are predisposed for survival to eat when any opportunity arises, and so we find ourselves caught in an unfortunate loop of making ill-informed decisions.  Frequent vet visits and high medical costs can be preventable outcomes.

Tom&Sawyer makes fresh cooked pet meals that have been scientifically developed by a team of animal health and nutrition experts.  We properly formulate, prepare and test our recipes to provide your cats and dogs with a safe, unprocessed and preservative-free cooked diet.

  • Tom&Sawyer is NOT a raw meat diet. Gently cooked meats are easier to digest while maintaining high bioavailability without the risk of raw meat causing food borne illness to everyone in the household.
  • We are NOT “cooks in a home or rental kitchen”. We have our own beautiful sanitary commercial kitchen with a trained culinary team who prepare small batch meals daily following the strictest of human food safety standards. Visit our commercial kitchen at 1247 Queen St East, Toronto.  Try finding another company that actually shows their pet food being made!

Tom&Sawyer makes a fresh cooked diet that is scientifically formulated for the dietary needs of cats and dogs, and of a quality level that humans can eat. Our pet meal line was developed by an animal nutritionist and is the highest quality pet food on the market.  

Unfortunately there are very few pet food companies in the world that can say this and actually mean it. We do. 

Pet nutrition is our mission.