Tyson’s Eye Condition Resolved – No More Drops!

Tyson is our 6 year old husky mix rescue. He arrived in our home with multiple issues but one of the biggest was his dislike of most of the food we tried to feed him. After about a year and half of trying every diet imaginable I started to home cook his meals. He seemed to enjoy the food yet for whatever reason developed a serious eye condition which required daily drops of medication. Not surprisingly this was not a long term solution given his disdain for the eye drops and my heart break about putting them in or not putting them in.

Then one magical day I decided to try Tom and Sawyer’s food. Two amazing things happened almost immediately. 1) Tyson love love loved the food. 2) Within weeks his eye condition completely cleared up. For the past year his big beautiful almond shaped Bowie eyes are clear and open wide allowing him to easily see, stalk and chase the many squirrels on our hikes together.

Tom&Sawyer Comment:

We are so excited that our pet meals resolved this incredibly painful and traumatic medical condition for Tyson.  Tyson’s owner is Cara Gerstein, owner of Wildflower Dog Training, and one of the top dog trainers in Toronto, Canada.  We are excited to have her as customer for pet meals (Tyson eats Tom&Sawyer pet meals as 100% of his diet) and treats when training clients, including our very own Sawyer!