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Sawyer’s Spotlight: Bella & Sofia

We recently had the absolute pleasure of welcoming two tiny sweeties named Bella and Sofia into our pack of loyal companions. We got to know the girls, as well as their devoted fur-mama Jan when they came to visit our store to learn more about us and our pet meals. They left such a strong impression on us that we simply had to ask them if they would allow us to feature them for a Sawyer’s Spotlight on our blog so we could share their experience. Lucky for us, they said yes! This was the response emailed to us by Jan where she discusses how she found us, tells us about her girls, and how they’ve been doing on our recipes so far.

We would be honoured to be “Sawyer’s Spotlight”  thank you for asking us! Bella is 12 and Sofia is 11. They are full sisters and are adorable! They just love to be with us, they are never far from our feet. In our spare time Larry and I take the girls to visit those in need as we are all volunteers with SJA Therapy Dogs. We visit an aging care facility to brighten the resident’s day and we also visit at Toronto Pearson Airport to bring smiles to passengers. The girls are seniors and they do like to nap the day away. On weekends they enjoy napping on the patio in the shade keeping one eye open for squirrels.

I found your website by searching for “fresh prepared food Toronto”. Food that was not raw, but cooked, and frozen and there you were!

I read your website forensically, emailed some questions and then my girlfriend and I made the trek (I live in the West end but thankfully 3 minutes from a Penguin pick up!) to your store on the long weekend May 2019. Me, with my girls Bella and Sofia (yorkies) and Jane Anne, with her Maya (miniature poodle). We had a coffee in store and I asked a million questions. All the girls had samples of different meals and, well the rest is history as they say.

Their favourite is a four way tie, Italian Beef Pasta, Pork Sweet Hash, Sous Vide Salmon and Kangaroo. However they love them all!

Meal-time at our house is no longer crossing all fingers and paws that Bella and Sofia will eat. Both our girls love the food and wait at their bowls for breakfast and dinner. Previously it would break our hearts when they were on kibble and ran away at meal times without eating. My husband Larry would check in mid day from work and ask “did the girls eat?”

We tried adding absolutely everything to their kibble to try to coax them to eat and I do mean everything! They would’t even eat just moist canned dog food without the kibble.

Both Bella and Sofia have health challenges.

Bella is a two year cancer survivor. She had one of her adrenal glands removed due to the tumour that was on it. During diagnosis and after the surgery her weight dropped from 7 pounds to 4.5 pounds. She also has Kidney and thyroid issues and we could not get any weight back on her at all until she started to eat Tom&Sawyer. Bella has more energy and a real spring in her step now. She also does not wake me up twice a night for water. This is a sure sign that “real food” made with love is working. Bella is now at 5.5 pounds and eating vey well!

Sofia has 28 allergies. Five are food related and 23 are environmental. I can control her food allergies but I can’t control ragweed or grass etc.  Her own immune system is compromised and she has skin flare ups which sometimes require antibiotics to help. She has medicated baths every three days and is on a monthly allergy shot. Since eating Tom&Sawyer, Sofia can go two extra days without a medicated bath and I am noticing right now in the height of summer allergy season she does not need her allergy shot exactly at 4 weeks. I am looking forward to seeing how she is in the winter after the “first frost” plus with eating Tom&Sawyer she might be able to go even longer between shots! Sofia is a little butterball, she needs to lose one pound. I have had her eating lean Turkey dinner this last while and she is dropping a few ounces!

Yes, there are many things that influence and affect both my girls with their health concerns, but for our family today, the proof is in the pudding or we should say the proof is in Tom&Sawyer, fresh gently cooked frozen meals made with love and served with love. Dogs can survive on dog food… but will thrive on Tom&Sawyer. We need our girls to thrive, not just survive. We feel feeding fresh/frozen prepared human grade Tom&Sawyer meals is going to extend their years a bit, at least this is what we are hoping for.

Please let me know if you have other questions, I just sat down and typed from my heart about my girls and their health and nutrition challenges. It will be my pleasure to answer any other questions you need for your “Sawyer’s Spotlight”.

I have attached some pictures for your Friday smile!

Jan & Larry
Bella & Sofia