Lucy Loves Her Dog Meals and Liver Rosebuds!

Client Testimonial:

Up to about a year and a half ago, we were making food for our dog, Lucy, every Sunday. She is a Morkie (Maltese-Yorkie mix) and her diet included kibble and beef, peas and rice. Making her food was time consuming but more importantly, we didn’t know if nutritionally she was getting what she needed. We found Tom&Sawyer on a Google search one day! We did an initial trial order to see if Lucy liked it, and she loved it. We (including Lucy) were hooked after that.

After eating Tom&Sawyer food for a few weeks, Lucy had a lot more energy for her daily walks, at night and overall she just seemed happier. We noticed a huge difference in her health over the past year. We have the comfort of knowing she is getting the nutrition she needs. And it saved us a lot of weekend prep time for her food – we are signed up for biweekly deliveries.

My family has even started buying food for their dogs as well after seeing the change in Lucy. For our friends that have dogs, we take them Tom&Sawyer food and treats as presents all the time!

We have also attended a few events held at Tom&Sawyer in Toronto, and just drop in other times for a coffee. Everyone who works there, from Kristin down, loves dogs and is always happy if you come in to talk, with or without your dog. Lucy’s favourites are the liver treats and Farmers Market!

Bryan, Neha (and of course, Lucy).