Fitness Leader Includes his Dog in Promoting Family Health

As a health and wellness coach I understand the importance of quality nutrition for optimal health and performance, and in helping prevent disease.  Advising and educating clients on real food and non-food is a daily conversation, partly because of the abundance of misinformation available online and in the media. Three years ago our family got a dog (Molly) and we fed her the recommended dog food from our vet and breeder.  One day my son asked me why Molly’s food smelled so bad, and did not need to be in the fridge along with our food.  A wave of anxiety fell over me.  We love Molly so much and live such a healthy and nutrition-focused lifestyle as a family, but somehow we were not including our beloved dog in this.  We just trusted our breeder and veterinarian to promote health for Molly, but after my son’s questions and my own research about Molly’s food I then realized we were failing her by feeding her crap.  (brand-name, expensive stuff in beautiful packaging that is literally crap)

I started to research making our own pet food using real food like meats and vegetables. While I liked that idea, we found it difficult to budget the time being self employed and running a fitness studio. Timing and luck would knock on my door with a reach out from Kristin and Peter who had decided to open a business providing high quality pet food for dogs and cats, Tom&Sawyer.  Kristin and Peter asked if I would be interested in participating in their pre-launch food trial with Molly being one of their “originals” to see both how pets enjoyed their food and also to track health benefits from switching to their real, lightly cooked pet meals.  We were provided with packages of real food that was nutritionally balanced for dogs and had directions for portioning each meal for her.  Molly just loved the food from the start. She knew it was feeding time when she heard the pet meals packaging coming out of the fridge, and after a while would sit and even do spins in front of the fridge exactly at the same feeding time each day.  I noticed that we didn’t need to feed Molly very much food for her to be really satisfied, and there was a lot less poo to clean up on walks.  I always talk to my clients about proper nutrition and the body’s ability to absorbs nutrients from higher quality food.  Let’s face it, nobody likes picking up dog poo, and if there is a way to pick up less of it, sign me up!

Through research I now know how similar Molly’s GI tract is to a human’s, and how we need to feed her enough food to meet her specific caloric needs each day.  Feeding amounts measured in “scoops” or “cups” should have alerted me to problems with how we were previously feeding Molly.  She just loves her food and we have noticed significant positive changes in her health and personality.   Another interesting thing I noticed, there were a few neighbours who had dogs of similar ages to Molly.  Since eating Tom&Sawyer’s pet meals Molly looks very lean and athletic, while all of the other dogs look bloated with less shiny fur and no “twinkle” in their eyes.  People think I exercise her like crazy to keep her lean and so healthy, but in realty she gets the average amount of exercise a small dog like her should get.  Just like I say to all of my health clients, a healthy lifestyle is about 80% diet, and it turns out to be the same for the furry members of our family.

I would recommend to anyone who asks me what to feed their pet to spend the extra money on good quality food and save money on the veterinarian bills.  Molly has only been to the veterinarian two times, both for her recommended shots.  I feel really good about what I feed her, and that we are making the right decisions for her to have the healthiest and happiest life possible as a member of our family.

Thank you Kristin and Peter for reaching out and introducing Molly to Tom and Sawyer.

Micheal Okumura

Thanks so much Micheal for the testimonial!  Micheal is one of the top health and fitness professionals in Canada, and owns the incredible Fusion Health Studio facility in downtown Toronto where he and his team help transform lives every day.  It means so much to us that an industry expert like Micheal was not immediately aware of the poor quality of pet food sold in North America, and that one small change in nutrition (eating our real food cooked pet meals) has helped make his family dog Molly that much happier and healthier!