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Chef Mischa has created a meal box that can be fed to dogs with pancreatitis, pooches needing weight management plans and pups with certain GI sensitivities. This box of healthy meals†  contains 28 x 454g (1 lb) packages of our 2 low-fat dog meal cooked food recipes and he is giving your pooch a free package of Sweet Potato Pups!

What’s Included (click meals for complete ingredient and nutrition information):

14 x Fisherman’s Best Friend (Oceanwise whitefish)

14 x What’s Up Doc? Rabbit Recipe (with organic quinoa)

1 x Sweet Potato Pups Treats


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†our meals are formulated to meet and exceed AAFCO and NRC guidelines for adult maintenance. Please note that our Puppy Booster adds additional minerals for growth needs but does not include the additional fat needed above the low-fat levels of these special recipes. Please ensure that your veterinarian is consulted to determine if these low fat, limited ingredient and novel protein recipes are suitable for their specific health needs during the growth phase due to their low-fat nature.

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