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International Cat Day Gift Guide

International Cat Day Cat Day Gift Guide

International Cat Day 2017 is coming up Tuesday August 8th. We’re celebrating our feline friends with the cutest cat gifts out there.

1. Cat Bubbles

We could watch cats play with bubbles all day. The looks of wonder, fascination, and confusion are endlessly amusing. It’s a ton of fun for the cats too. They love chasing, pouncing, and trying to catch bubbles.

The cat gift we recommend for your bubble-hunting critter?

Catnip Bubbles by foufou

If there’s one thing kitties love more than bubbles, it’s catnip. Catnip Bubbles by foufou are made with real catnip oil. With that kind of incentive your pet will want to play all day!

Each bottle comes with a bubble wand, so you can get in on the fun as well.

2. Scared Kitten

Cat reactions are expressive and dramatic. And never more so than when they’re spooked! A good scared cat gif is always enough to give us a chuckle.

What better gift could there be for your scaredy cat this international cat day than the Scared-y Cat meal?

Scared-y Cat | Tom&Sawyer Cat Meal

Made with real ingredients like chicken and cheddar cheese, this cat meal will help your feline put on a brave face. Tom&Sawyer cat meals are prepared by chefs and full of essential vitamins & minerals. So these meals give your cat a taste they love and the nutrition they need.

With our handy feeding guide, it’s easy to calculate just how much your cat needs when you order Scared-y Cat cat meals.

3. Cat Meal Time

Whether they’re picky or greedy eaters, mealtime is always an exciting time for our cats. When cats have Tom&Sawyer gourmet pet meals, it’s extra exciting. A higher quality of cat meals deserves a higher quality pet meal station. That’s why our next International Cat Day recommendation is:

Artisan Wood Pet Meal Station

Serving gourmet, chef-made cat meals in a regular dish is like a 5-star restaurant serving dinner on paper plates. Sleek contemporary wood designs and dishwasher safe ceramic bowls. The look is elegant to match any modern home design.

The Artisan Single Wood Pet Meal Station is a great choice for one pet. The Artisan Double Wood Pet Meal Station allows for a food and water bowl, or feeding multiple pets.— just be sure they’re willing to share!

4. Cat Spa Day

If there is any day made just for pampering your kitty, it’s International Cat Day. Help your cat relax in comfort with spa treatments for use at home or on the go.

Cat Herbal Calming Spray

Help your cat relax with Quiet Moments® Cat Herbal Calming Spray with Simulated Pheromones by NaturVet. The spray simulates pheromones that create a sense of safety and well being in cats. It can be used for comfort at home, or to ease a transition into new environments. Use in cars or cat beds can help put your kitty at ease.

Waterless Cat Bath

Cats groom all day. They love to be clean, but they don’t like getting wet. Pet Organics Fast Bath for Cats is the perfect solution. You can give your cat a waterless bath anywhere. It’s free of harmful chemicals and leaves your kitty feeling fresh and odour free.

5. Gravy Drizzler

Add a wow factor to meal time on your cat’s big day. Gravy is an essential in our celebratory meals. Where are turkey and mashed potatoes without it? A cat meal topped with gravy adds the same extra zing of flavour for your cats.

Chicken Gravy Drizzler for Dogs & Cats

For picky eaters or an occasional treat, the Gravy Drizzler for Dogs & Cats is a great gift for your pet. It can be used on Tom&Sawyer pet meals, canned wet food, or kibble. It is a tasty treat that will entice your cats to eat.

6. Cat Therapy

This International Cat Day, make sure your cat is feeling fine from the inside out. Therapeutic cat treats help to manage digestive health, weight, and provides a good source of dietary fiber. It’s like a kitty cleanse!

CocoTherapy Coconut Treats

The line of CocoTherapy cat treats are made with organic coconuts. Coconut Chips can be mixed in with meals or given as a treat. They are even a great treat for humans! Try baking with them or mixing them in with your next smoothie.

Organic virgin coconut oil is a great treat for pets. It can be mixed in with food or licked right out of your hand. Find recommended serving sizes here.

For kitties with hairball issues try the Hairball Plus therapy treats. A single ingredient snack for cats. It is easily broken down in water so it can be effectively absorbed and used in your cat’s digestive system.

7. The Spice of Life

Spice up your cat’s life with the gift of variety. Whether you are looking to introduce cat meals into your feline’s diet or just wanting to shake things up, a variety pack is a great gift for cats. Changing up meals makes things more interesting and is a great way to find new favourites. Especially great for picky eaters!

Variety Pack for Cats

For diners that are new to cat meals, the Tom&Sawyer Variety Pack for Cats is the perfect introduction. It comes with three packages of our three core cat meals. Give your cat a chance to discover their favourite before stocking up on a larger order. Restaurant quality ingredients and designed for optimal nutrition, Cat Meals help your pet live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

8. Gift Card

Hook up the felines and cat owners in your life with the gift of Tom&Sawyer! If you are unsure what they need, but know they love Tom&Sawyer it’s the perfect gift this International Cat Day.

Tom&Sawyer Gift Card

The Tom&Sawyer Gift Card can be used to purchase any Tom&Sawyer product. Toys, treats, pet meals, and more are available at the swipe of a card. Denominations are available from $25 to $500. It’s a great way to show your four-legged foodie you care.

Happy International Cat Day!