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What Are Pet Meals?

Pet Meals are about a better quality of food and life for our pets. They are based on a philosophy that revolves around a radically different approach to pet food. It’s not just a new name to stand out for marketing purposes, Pet Meals are a whole new market segment. We make Peat Meals to help your pets live healthier, happier, and longer lives.

Why Were Pet Meals Created?

Pet Meals were born out of necessity. Something most pet owners don’t know is that, in Canada, the pet food industry is unregulated. So there is no governing body to make sure what goes in to your pet’s food is best for their health.

Just as human fast-food chains often use processed foods, made with by-products and chemicals, so do most pet food companies. When we eat processed foods, we are at least usually aware. And sure, it’s okay to eat at McDonald’s once in awhile, but you wouldn’t do it every day. Unfortunately, that’s more or less what is happening with our pets.

Most of the top pet food brands use the waste from human food processing that used to go in the trash. With such low quality of food, it’s no wonder dogs are always begging at the table!

poor dog nutrition fake food

Solving The Problem

With Pet Meals, Tom&Sawyer wanted to create cat and dog food that you could finally feel good about giving to your pets. To create meals that are best for your pet, and that can put your mind at ease we took a 4-pronged approach:

  1. Transparency
  2. Real Food Nutrition
  3. Chef Made, Vet Recommended
  4. Freshness

The Importance of Transparency in the Pet Food Industry

With an unregulated industry, the only way we can ensure you know what is going into your pet’s food is through transparency. Even companies who claim to be providing better nutrition are often still packing their dog food with filler, and cat food with inferior ingredients.

The Tom&Sawyer approach was designed for transparency. Pet Meals are made and packaged in an open restaurant-style kitchen, instead of an industrial factory. You can personally visit and see every step of the process. All of our ingredients are restaurant quality, to provide the best pet nutrition available

The guidelines followed in Pet Meal preparation and handling follow the public health guidelines for human food handling. With our high standard for handling and preparation, we are unable to sell our meals in traditional pet stores – as their handling and refrigeration practices do not meet human food standards.

Our packaging is even transparent, so that you can see the ingredients:

We made Pet Meals to create healthier dog food and healthier cat food. We made our process transparent so you could feel confident that you are getting the best Canadian made dog and cat food.

Real Food Nutrition

Whether you are looking for dog meals, cat meals, or pet treats we are the only company in the pet food industry that can promise human quality food. We use only restaurant quality ingredients to ensure the best nutritional value for your pets.

Real, human quality food means we can trace the origin of all our ingredients, and using restaurant ingredients means that our food suppliers are inspected by national food agencies. With the ingredients selected and approved we can feel confident in the safety of the ingredients used to create meals that are nutritionally balanced diet for cats and dogs.

We have a variety of meals that are all designed to individually meet your pet’s nutritional needs. They allow you to switch up your pet’s meals so that they can get excited about food time, while ensuring they still meet nutritional requirements.

Our pet nutrition and food science teams actively perform research into balanced nutrition. They are always working towards providing pet meals with the best possible nutrition. Pet food trends are examined to see if they are real nutritional opportunities, or if they are myths – like human grade pet food.

A good example of this is the raw food diet trend that continues with pets today. The idea is that dogs and cats can get more nutritional value out of raw food. Unfortunately, raw food also runs the risk of food-borne illness. While cats and dogs can generally be more resistant to these illnesses, they can pass them on to their human companions.

To satisfy this, Tom&Sawyer gently cooks our pet meals. This means they retain their maximum nutritional value while minimizing illness. The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and Public Health Agency of Canada recommends against raw food. With no clear health benefits to feeding raw meats, we gently cook our meats to prevent contamination or transmission of food borne illness.

Chef Made, Vet Recommended Pet Food

Our pet meals are made by a team of experts. They are designed with the guidance of veterinarians, pet nutritionists, food scientists, and chefs.

The chefs who create Tom&Sawyer pet meals are professionally trained. They have culinary school degrees and restaurant experience. They are also pet parents. They have the knowledge, the skill, and the passion to create meals that are nutritious and will be loved by pets.

The chefs work in tandem with the pet nutritionists and food scientists to create new, healthy recipes. This leads to the development of specialty meals, such as food for dogs with sensitive stomachs. They even developed a Chicken Gravy Drizzler to be poured onto food to entice picky dogs and cats to eat.

Always Fresh Food For Dogs & Cats

Food is always better fresh. This is true both from a taste and nutritional standpoint. We know that food with preservatives is often unhealthy for us. Humans who are conscious of their diet try to avoid, or at least minimize, their intake of trans fats and other preservatives. This goes back to our general belief with real food nutrition – your pet deserves better attention paid to their nutritional needs.

We always strive to provide your pets with the freshest meals. If you visit us in-store, you can see our chefs making fresh meals every day. We cook our meals and then flash freeze them (just like a prepared frozen meal you buy at the grocery store), just defrost and serve!

Why is Flash Freeze Better?

Tom&Sawyer pet meals are cooked fresh and then vacuum-sealed and flash frozen. The vacuum-seal/flash freeze combination locks in the nutrition, freshness and flavour, while extending the shelf life in the fridge or freezer.

So What Are Pet Meals?

Pet Meals are the best way to ensure your pet is getting nutritional value from food that they love. They exist to help your pet live a healthier, happier and longer life. You can reference our feeding guide to figure out a meal plan for your individual pet. Let your furry family members try Pet Meals, shop healthy Canadian made dog and cat food today.