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The Dramatic Health Improvements of Ouzo the Pug After Switching to a Fresh Food Diet

After unsuccessfully trying various prescription vet kibbles, and more, for her Pug’s pancreatitis and gastro issues, Natale tried a gently cooked whole food diet with great results!

Ouzo the Pug’s medical file was so large his vet named an entire room after him. Here, Natale, his mom, describes the changes in his health after moving to a whole food diet with our Kangaroo recipe.

It’s not always easy being a doggy mom. If your beloved loyal companion suffers from a chronic health condition, it can add a lot of stress to not only the life of your pet, but your entire household. It can be a daunting task when looking for a solution. Sometimes it can feel like you’ve tried everything, to no avail. But when you finally find a solution that works, like Natale, the results are a relief that can transform the lives of pet & pet-parents alike!

No more big, monthly vet bills for Natale & Ouzo! That’s the difference a whole food diet can make. Whether it’s cooking for your pet at home, or choosing the convenience of a reliable whole food pet meal company like Tom&Sawyer, we encourage all pet-parents to try a nutritionally balanced, whole food diet for their pet. You may be surprised at the improvement in your pet’s health and vitality in only a few short weeks!

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Kangaroo Recipe

Low Fat/Medical Diet Variety Pack