Pet Health

The Benefits of Real Food Nutrition

Most people make the decision to have a pet without considering the cost of providing proper nutrition because the pet food industry has provided such a low-cost way of feeding waste products as pet food.

Feeding real food does cost a bit more, but our research and customer testimonials have demonstrated outcomes including:

  • resolving various mis-diagnosed and unknown health issues that were either allergies or sensitivities to commercial dog food ingredients and fillers, or just poor nutrition
  • bringing vitality and excitement to older dogs, especially around meal time!
  • providing a natural and effective way to combat specific health issues and weight problems
  • overall improvement in pet health with fewer visits to the vet
  • smaller poops as there are no fillers in our meals, and our meals get absorbed more efficiently by your pet’s GI tract
  • improved mental mood and temperament by providing a food option without added chemicals and artificial preservatives

it’s about time we stop feeding our beloved dogs and cats garbage. literally.

Tom&Sawyer is very different. Actually, we are completely disrupting the pet food industry by (ready for this…) making and selling real food to our beloved dogs and cats.  Sounds ridiculous, right?  Well, unfortunately it is not.

Somehow over the past several decades we have turned our backs on our beloved furry friends, without most of us even knowing it.  Just as manufacturing companies created processed foods for humans (made of by-products and chemicals that provided a way to use ingredients that previously were “less desirable”), these same companies changed the pet food industry when they realized that they could use human-food processing waste what was previously thrown into the garbage and sell it as pet food.  Given the lack of regulation in the pet food industry (in Canada it is completely unregulated, which is why so many processors are set up in Canada), consumers really don’t understand that they are literally feeding their beloved pets “garbage” that has been nutritionally fortified with chemicals to meet low level “feed” guidelines.

In fact, we are so completely different than ANY other pet food product on the market, that we created a new market segment called “Pet Meals”.  Every aspect of making Pet Meals is very different from the methods used by the traditional pet food industry.  We also created the Pet Meals market segment to differentiate us and other future quality Pet Meals producers from being mistaken for pet food.  We are not gourmet pet food.  We are not a special treat.   We are passionate about bringing transparency and quality to your pet’s bowl.

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