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Pet Meals: Keeping Pets Healthy & Happy On A Tight Schedule

It’s hard enough to keep yourself eating healthy when you’re crunched for time. But constructing a healthy diet for our dogs and cats, that’s a whole new challenge!

Pouring some kibble into a bowl is so fast and simple, but is it providing your pet with the nutrition they deserve? Cats and dogs have specific and complex nutritional needs. We know that dogs and cats benefit from real food ingredients. Can the same meal of kibble every day really give them all they need?

Some pet food companies try to use fictional terms like human grade pet food to put owners’ minds at ease. However, most of these companies are still offering the same by-products and scraps not fit for human consumption.

For years the only way to be sure of nutritionally balanced pet food with real ingredients was to prepare their meals yourself. This takes a lot of time and effort to keep up – especially if you have a human family to feed too! There has got be a better way.

Healthy Pet Food Made Easy

When humans want to eat healthier but are stretched for time a common solution is meal prep. We’ll prepare several healthy meals all at once. This saves time and lets us eat nutritionally balanced meals throughout the week.

The same idea can be applied to your pets. Meal prep can help to ensure you provide all the essential nutrients for dogs and cats. Prepared pet meals have real food ingredients, with scientifically balanced nutrition. So we know our pets get their required proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals they need to thrive.

Cat & Dog Food You Can Feel Good About

Thanks to a new category in the pet food industry, you no longer need to prep these healthy meals yourself. Pet meals are disrupting the pet food industry by providing real food nutrition for your cats and dogs.

Pet meals are meals prepared by trained and experienced chefs with restaurant quality ingredients. These meals are designed in collaboration with vets, pet nutritionists and chefs.

 This new category is being embraced by pet lovers all over Canada. Chef Trish Donnelly has even been featured on Global News TV for her amazing work on dog and cat meals:

In an effort to be as transparent as possible, Tom&Sawyer has Chef Trish and her culinary team preparing pet meals in their open kitchen. This allows customers coming into the Tom&Sawyer store to see for themselves the care and quality ingredients that go into pet meals.

Determine Healthy Portion Sizes For Pet Meals

Every dog is a little different, so a nutritionally balanced diet takes more than just great ingredients. You need to determine your dog or cat’s daily calorie requirements. This will help you decide just how much your pet needs to eat to stay happy and healthy.

 The easiest way to determine your pet’s calorie needs is with the Tom&Sawyer Calorie Needs Calculator.

The Calorie Calculator takes your cat or dog’s age, breed, weight, and lifestyle into account to determine caloric needs. The calculator provides you with a variety of dog meals and cat meals to compare.

 It also suggests how much you should order for your pet, whether it be full diet, partial diet, or occasional treat. In addition to how much you should feed them per serving.

Prepared Meals, Right At Your Doorstep

Healthy meal prep for your pets has never been easier. Tom&Sawyer delivers individually packaged pet meals directly to your doorstep. All you have to do is open up the meals and serve.

Finally, providing nutritionally balanced pet meals is just as easy as traditional cat and dog food. Order your first pet meal today, and get your furry family members started on a happier, healthier, and longer life.