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Loyal Companion Spotlight: Sandra & Sorina—This "Foster Fail" Gets A New Lease on Life!

It only made sense that February’s Spotlight for our Loyal Companion is about sweet Sorina because she stole our hearts as quickly as she stole her mom’s heart. Those in the Leslieville neighbourhood of Toronto either know Sorina and her mom, Sandra, or have seen them out for their numerous daily walks.

In early 2015, Sorina was a very skinny, fearful dog when she was removed from an abusive situation in Romania and came to a rescue in North Bay. Soon thereafter, Sorina was transferred to Safe Home Animal Rescue, an organization in East Toronto. When Sorina arrived at Safe Home, it was apparent that an eye injury she had sustained was going to require surgical removal of her eye. Sandra was an 8-time veteran foster mom, and she agreed to care for Sorina during her recovery.

Above: Sweet Sorina, before being rescued by Sandra.

After only one month, this dynamic duo experienced what is termed a “foster fail” when Sandra was advised Sorina had an application for adoption and she couldn’t bear to let sweet Sorina leave, which we are pretty sure was already a mutual feeling.

Sandra learned early on that Sorina had a few things to contend with: separation anxiety, fear of other dogs and poor potty skills due to a dislike of grass. Sorina was also in desperate need to gain weight but she was an extremely picky eater. Sandra tried everything to properly nourish Sorina, including an attempt at feeding a raw diet that Sandra, a vegan herself, worried about for safety reasons and then ceased when Sorina got sick from it. About a year after Sorina was adopted by Sandra, Tom&Sawyer opened in Leslieville. These two lovely females came in to visit us and then again the next day, and the next day, and two times the following day (you get the picture).

Above: Sorina—a work of art since birth! Painted by Quinn Rockliff.

Sorina has an internal clock that knows exactly when we were are opening our doors at 10am and loves to come several times a day to visit with us (but still isn’t sure about this “Closed Mondays” nonsense). She gets several fresh baked treats and her love of them is strong enough that she learned how to “sit” for her treat, a trick that no previous professional dog trainer was able to teach Sorina! Her fussy food habits were also satiated with Tom&Sawyer’s meals and Sandra is happy that her food safety concerns are addressed with proper cooking of meats.

Above: Sorina and Sandra today, visiting Tom&Sawyer.


Sorina is a fan favourite in our pack of Loyal Companions. She loves people (especially mom), sleeps flopped on her back, enjoys rides on the TTC and will do anything for Tom&Sawyer B’ausages (beef sausages).


Although Sorina still does not care for the company of canines, she enjoys chilling out with her select crew: Maggie, Bella and Diesel.

Sandra likes to say that Sorina is a lucky girl when she is showered with love and affection from the team at Tom&Sawyer but we know who the lucky ones are! We hope that on your next visit to 1247 Queen St E that you get to meet Sorina and become a lucky one too!