Pet Health

What Does a Cat Taste?

Tom&Sawyer spent a great dealt of time on the research and development of our cat meal recipes to appeal to the widest audience possible of finicky felines.

Here are the basics around cat taste profiles:

  1. Cats love fats, proteins and novel textures. We developed recipes that contain all 3 of these elements.
  2. Cats have about 470 taste buds on their tongues (compared to us, with about 9,000)  They make up for the lack of taste buds with a highly developed sense of smell.  Aromas play a large role in sensing the the flavour and developing food preferences. Gently warm your Tom&Sawyer cat meal to release the intoxicating aromas!
  3. They lack the ability to taste sweet, which is mostly relevant for omnivorous animals who search out plants and fruits. Poor kitties, they don’t know the bliss of a sugary dessert! Oh right, they have catnip.
  4. Felines have a strong aversion to bitter tastes that was developed out of a primal need to keep them from eating something poisonous as toxins often give off a bitter taste.  Got it, no bitter added. None. Zilch.
  5. The list of what they hate is way to long to discuss here. But let them rest (all day) assured that there is none of that “hate it” stuff in our cat meals.