Pet Health Testimonials

Dottie’s Diet: Hello, Kangaroo! Goodbye, Steroids and Digestive Issues

My little King Charles Spaniel had been having some serious digestive issues and we tried many different foods and supplements and even home cooking! It was a challenge to get Dottie to eat, she wasn’t thriving and I needed help with all the cooking I was doing for her.

During this time of trial and error I did a google search of fresh home cooked dog meals and I found the Tom&Sawyer page! Dot needs a special low fat limited ingredient recipe which Tom and Sawyer had on the menu! Plus they deliver! #winning

I sent them a message and they were so helpful and responded quickly. We had phone conversations too because of course I needed to be sure there was nothing else in the food. (crazy fur Momma)

They assured me.

Since being on the Kangaroo meals Dottie not only whines for her food (every.single.meal) but she is also off the steroids and doing fantastic!! Tom&Sawyer even contacted me to see how Dottie was doing. This company truly cares about your pet’s health.  We hope to visit them in Toronto soon.

Kisses and helicopter tail wags from Dottie xo

— Shelley P.