Pet Health Testimonials

Daisy’s Days Aren’t Happy Without Her Tom&Sawyer

Daisy is our shy and quiet weimraner/lab mix who has been eating Tom&Sawyer since the business first opened in May 2016. As she is a bigger dog, we give her Tom&Sawyer dog meals as a separate meal supplement and it has become such an important part of Daisy’s daily routine. A few months ago I got busy and we ran out of Tom&Sawyer and didn’t have time to replenish. After two days our dog walker left a note asking what was wrong with Daisy as she was sluggish and had low energy. We noticed as well that she was sad around the house and knew it was all related to her not eating her daily Tom&Sawyer dog meal but I was shocked that the dog walker could see the difference it made in Daisy’s overall health. We love our sweet girl and want her to be happy so now we make sure we never run out of her favourite dog meals!

-Andrea E, loving mom of Daisy