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2019 Canada’s Food Guide: A Dog’s Breakfast? It Should Be!

The long anticipated 2019 update of Canada’s Food Guide was released today to the (human) public. It is the first update in over 10 years and takes a significant step towards providing guidelines for healthy eating practices, both in the foods we consume and how we approach eating.

Health Canada’s 2019 Food Guide recommends the following:

  • Have plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Eat protein foods
  • Make water your drink of choice
  • Choose wholegrain foods

At Tom&Sawyer, for several years now we have taken a similar practical approach to healthy eating when it comes to nutrition for cats and dogs. The simple fact is that Canada’s pets need a proper healthy eating Food Guide too, but the sad reality is that the vast majority of pets are eating scoops of pellets from a bag or globs of jelly-like goo from cans.

We can do better for our pets by choosing to feed real, fresh cooked food.

So on the day of the release of Health Canada’s 2019 Food Guide, Tom&Sawyer thought it interesting to share where traditional pet food stacks up against what our nation’s health experts believe is the best sources of nutrition and how Tom&Sawyer’s philosophy compares.

Health Canada also says healthy eating is more than just the foods you eat and this is the same for our pets. Take a look at the healthy habits below and consider your pet’s current diet.

Health Canada 2019

Canada’s Food Guide

Dry and Canned

Pet Food

Tom&Sawyer’s 2019

Canada’s Pet Food Guide

Avoid processed foods and sugary drinks as they undermine healthy eating It is processed food Avoid processed food
Use food labels to judge how healthy or unhealthy a product is, and to be aware of food marketing and its possible impact on their purchase choices No regulations, very deceptive marketing, false ingredient photos and misleading ingredient names Read pet food labels, ask questions about what your pet consumes, be aware of how deceptive the pet food industry can be
Home cooking is a practical way to support healthy eating and avoid processed foods No resemblance to real food or meals you make at home Real cooked foods properly balanced for their nutrition needs is always the healthiest option

Does your pet’s dinner look anything like the plate in the photo? If it doesn’t then take a moment to assess your dog or cat’s diet plan and choose to make some healthy changes for them in 2019.

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