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Debunking Pet Food Myths and Misconceptions

We came across a refreshingly honest article in the Pet Food Industry and wanted to share it with you.

We also wanted to add a little prologue of our own about why it matters to us, so indulge us for a moment:

What does your pet food claim on their label about how it was developed? If it says “AAFCO feeding protocols” were used, please know what it means about how your pet’s food came to market. It may really surprise and upset you.

When we began R&D into real cooked food nutritional meals at Tom&Sawyer, we adopted the philosophy that all the relevant research required has already been performed to determine the minimum and maximum (and recommended levels) of essential nutrients for dogs and cats.

With proper investigation into what feeding trials meant and what labs do to these poor innocent animals, we refused to listen to the the pet food industry’s bogus marketing that “feeding protocols are the gold standard”. We chose to provide our new recipes to cats and dogs that lived in a loving home and collect qualitative and quantitative data from engaged pet parents about how our fresh cooked food impacted their health and also their happiness….the holistic approach to nutrition.

There continues to exist this very outdated misconception by the pet food and veterinary world that feeding trials need to be performed for every new pet food formulated. Why?? There is no good reason currently for cats and dogs to be born for the sole purpose to live their life in a lab for feeding trials that provide very little benefit and usable data. And if you have a Beagle, it would upset you more to know they are the choice lab dog because they are a breed that is gentle and doesn’t show as much aggression to the treatment they receive.

If pet food was required to be made with only REAL whole, unadulterated food (re: what the typical healthy human food diet looks like) and properly balanced for their unique needs with a high quality safe multivitamin, no feeding tests would be needed. Yes, all pet food would cost more because real food is not cheap, but real food promotes optimal health and we know that reduces disease and associated expensive vet visits.

Let’s stop the insanity that has persisted in the pet food industry and hold them accountable for not only WHAT they feed to our pets but HOW they develop and test their products.

Read this article* from PetFoodIndustry by a Ryan Yampka, a PhD board certified Animal Nutritionist about his opinion on AAFCO Feeding Trials still being performed by most pet food companies today.