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At Tom&Sawyer pet nutrition is our mission!

After unsuccessfully trying various prescription vet kibbles, and more, for her Pug’s pancreatitis and gastro issues, Natale tried a fresh whole food diet, with our specialized low-fat line of gently cooked pet meals with great results!

Ouzo’s medical file was so large his vet named an entire room after him. On his new diet, Ouzo not only found relief from his bouts with pancreatitis—his weight and energy began to see dramatic improvements as well!

His ear infections soon disappeared. As did the gunk between his wrinkles.

No more big, monthly vet bills for Natale & Ouzo!

If you’re a pet parent, this year have your pet join in the quest for better health!

We believe our pets are members of the family.

We believe food is the best medicine.

We bring science-based, whole food nourishment, with human-edible ingredients, to provide convenient, preventative nutrition for our family dogs & cats.


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