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Real food for your fur family

Real food
for your
fur family

Gently cooked meals for happier,
healthier, longer lives

Gently cooked meals for happier, healthier, longer lives

We believe real food is for the whole family

Only natural ingredients

There’s a reason pets love human food: It’s real food. You won’t find any ingredients you can’t  pronounce in our recipes. In fact, they’re all cooked like human food: Veggies and all.

Gently cooked for digestion

Skip the synthetic ingredients in kibble or the bacteria in raw meat: Gently cooked food allows  your pet to avoid the digestive upsets and better absorb the nutrients in their food.

Personalized for your pet

One diet does not feed all. Whether your fur baby has their own dietary restrictions or just isn’t thriving, our meals are made with scientifically-backed ingredients to support their needs.

What's for dinner tonight?

It's never been easier to start feeding fresh

Browse our gently cooked pet meals

We have varieties that satisfy all pets, including picky eaters, pets with allergies, and specialty diets

Build your cart

Each product has a feeding guide to take the guesswork out of portioning

Delivered fresh to your door

Each shipment arrives in a temperature controlled box to preserve freshness

Over 1,000,000 meals delivered!

The reviews are in


Keeping it real since 2015

Our story starts with a 10-pound Yorkie-Poo named Sawyer who refused to eat kibble (we don’t blame  him). He may or may not have been named after a Rush song, which is fitting given his mean, mean  stride. We can’t wait for you to meet him.