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Understanding Allergies & How To Help

Adverse food reaction is an umbrella term used for food allergies, sensitivities, intolerances, or any negative response to a component of food.

Top 10 Tips for Safe Weight Loss for Dogs

A comprehensive list of the top 10, science-backed tips for safe weight loss in dogs

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Top 6 Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil in Pet Food

Hemp seed oil is full of nutrients that are beneficial for you, but also your pets!

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Nutrients VS Ingredients!

Often times it feels like a battle between the two… but did you know that both are equally as important as the other?

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Defining Energy Requirements For Your Pet

Did you know that energy is not actually a nutrient? Rather, nutrients provide energy. And more specifically, those nutrients are proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

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Transitioning Your Pet To Their New Diet

Introducing a new diet to your pet is an exciting change! But an abrupt change in diet can result in poor digestive health for your dog or cat.

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5 Ways To Protect Your Dog In The Summer Heat

We need to proactively check for any signs of dehydration or heat exhaustion in our pets because they can't always let us know when they are uncomfortable.

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Dietary Requirements At Every Life Stage

Each stage in a dogs life will require a different diet that caters to their current needs.

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Pancreatitis In Dogs – Signs & Diet Management

Even if your dog is not showing symptoms, it is a good idea, to educate yourself about Pancreatitis and tips to prevent it before an attack arrives.

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Fresh, Not Refined.

Tom&Sawyer takes fresh food nutrition very seriously. Pets are our family, let's feed them that way.

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The Only Commercially Owned & Operated Pet Meal Kitchen!

Did you know that Tom&Sawyer is Canada’s only independently owned and operated commercial pet food kitchen? Each one of our pet meals are prepared and packaged here in Toronto!

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5 Reasons Dogs Should Eat Rabbit

Looking for a meat source, for your dog, that is extremely high in protein and very low in fat? Rabbit meat is one lean, mean protein!

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COVID-19 Response at Tom&Sawyer

At Tom&Sawyer, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety at all times of our team, our customers and their beloved pets. CHECK HERE FOR CURRENT COURIER POLICY

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Tom&Sawyer Pet Meal Guide

We've recently put together a Pet Meal Guide as a quick overview of all things to do with Tom&Sawyer.