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Behind The Scenes Testimonials

Sawyer’s Spotlight: Bella & Sofia

These two tiny yorkie sisters have recently joined our pack of loyal companions.

Behind The Scenes Testimonials

Tom&Sawyer Spotlight: Simon Says

The Leslieville Tom&Sawyer retail store had been open for only a month in 2016 when we received a memorable visit by Simon and his mom Michelle.

Pet Health Testimonials

The Dramatic Health Improvements of Ouzo the Pug After Switching to a Fresh Food Diet

Ouzo the Pug's medical file was so large his vet named an entire room after him. Here, Natale, his mom, describes the changes in his health after moving to a whole food diet with our Kangaroo recipe.

Behind The Scenes Pet Health Testimonials

Loyal Companion Spotlight: Sandra & Sorina—This "Foster Fail" Gets A New Lease on Life!

It only made sense that February’s Spotlight for our Loyal Companion is about sweet Sorina because she stole our hearts as quickly as she stole her mom’s.

Announcements In the Press Pet Health Testimonials

Toto Takes on the Show World!

Tom&Sawyer’s Loyal Companions have come to be a part of our pack for many different reasons. In this inaugural spotlight story on our fantastic customers, we have chosen to have you meet Toto, a special little Frenchie who has become quite the awarded show dog in Canada!

Pet Health Testimonials

Dottie’s Diet: Hello, Kangaroo! Goodbye, Steroids and Digestive Issues

Since being on the Kangaroo meals Dottie [...] is also off the steroids and doing fantastic!! This company truly cares about your pet's health.

Pet Health Testimonials

Daisy’s Days Aren’t Happy Without Her Tom&Sawyer

Daisy's mom tells her story of the difference even a little bit of Tom&Sawyer pet meals makes in her dog's daily life and their joint pursuit of health, happiness and tasty foods!


Fitness Leader Includes his Dog in Promoting Family Health

One of the leading health and fitness gurus in Canada understands that proper nutrition and diet is 80% of promoting pet health, so Molly only eats Tom&Sawyer!


Lucy Loves Her Dog Meals and Liver Rosebuds!

After eating Tom&Sawyer food for a few weeks, Lucy had a lot more energy and overall she just seemed happier. We noticed a huge difference in her health over the past year.


Tyson’s Eye Condition Resolved – No More Drops!

Learn how husky mix Tyson and his mom Cara use Tom&Sawyer dog meals to resolve a serious eye condition that had required daily eye medication drops.