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Tom&Sawyer Spotlight: Simon Says

The Leslieville Tom&Sawyer retail store had been open for only a month in 2016 when we received a memorable visit by Simon and his mom Michelle.

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Loyal Companion Spotlight: Sandra & Sorina—This "Foster Fail" Gets A New Lease on Life!

It only made sense that February’s Spotlight for our Loyal Companion is about sweet Sorina because she stole our hearts as quickly as she stole her mom’s.

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‘Delivering the Online World’ Explores the Origins & Future of Tom&Sawyer

How do you break into the multi-billion-dollar pet food industry? Easy – you don’t. Instead, you start your own market. Story by Cynthia Reynolds

Behind The Scenes Videos

How We Make Our Sous Vide Salmon Dog Meal

Our Sous-Vide Salmon dog meal is the ultimate in health, nutrition and taste for our four-legged foodie customers. Here is a video showing how we make it.

Behind The Scenes Videos

How we make our Italian Beef Pasta dog meal – Our First Video!

Italian Beef Pasta - our most popular dog meal recipe! Here is a video showing how we use top restaurant quality ingredients to make this tasty and nutritious meal.