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How much food?

Which recipes?

Delivered how?

You want your family cat to live a healthier, longer life.  You are ready to try our Tom&Sawyer pet meals and treats.

Use our Get Started Guide to determine the following:

  1.  Based on the size and activity level (life stage) of your cat, we will determine how many calories per day your cat requires.  Cats have energy requirements similar to humans, based on calories.
  2. Now you will determine how you want to meet the daily calorie requirement for your cat.  If you want the optimal nutrition, you will feed your pet 100% of their calories from Tom&Sawyer meals and treats, but we also have customers who use our meals as a “mix-in” with a cheaper traditional pet food (like kibble) so they can still budget for better nutrition.  We also have customers who feed our meals one or two days per week as a nutritional “treat” meal.  Currently we have options in our Get Started guide to choose feeding our meals 33%, 66% or 100% of your cat’s diet, but you can always choose any amount you want when choosing how many meals to order. You will become part of our Loyal Companion discount pricing program after your first purchase.
  3. You can then choose which meal recipes you’d like to get for your cat.
  4. Now you will choose how you want to get your meals and treats from Tom&Sawyer.  You have three options:
    a.  Pick-Up at our Toronto retail store
    b.  Local Delivery – If you live in Toronto with a postal code that starts with “M”, you could be eligible to get free delivery to your home front door if you purchase larger regular orders with us, as part of our VIP Delivery Program.  We deliver to different parts of Toronto on different days Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so you will choose a desired time slot on the specific day for your area.
    c.  Canada Wide Shipping – we ship to the front door of your home using our partner Canada Post’s Expresspost service.  We ship our frozen meals in special insulated boxes that maintain below 4C temperature for 3 days, which works for expedited courier delivery to almost everywhere in Canada.  We ship Mondays through Wednesday (national packages on Mondays and Tuesday only) to avoid any potential unfortunate issues of our meals delayed in transit and stuck in a warm warehouse somewhere over a weekend.
  5. Add treats and make any changes to the quantities in your Cart.  Then finalize your order.
  6. While waiting for your pet meals to arrive, complete our Feeding Guide and print out a copy so you know exactly how much of each recipe to feed to your cat.

Get started now…