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Pet Food Industry

Cruel Animal Testing Used in Pet Food Feeding Trials

Pet Food Feeding Trials = Animal Testing = Make It Stop!

Are you buying a pet food that is based on animal testing? You probably are. And you should care not only for those poor lab dogs and cats but also for your pet.

Check your bag of pet food-does it state “Meets the nutritional requirements of cats/dogs as established in AAFCO Feeding Trials or Feeding Tests or Feeding Protocols”?

Over 99% of commercial pet food uses lab testing on animals because they need to see if their poor quality feed ingredients and artificial colours and flavours can keep animals alive.

Pet food companies market these feeding trials (laboratory animal testing) to consumers and veterinarians as being “higher quality” because of the “scientific studies”. Yet again, pet food companies have managed to shape our minds into believing anything they want us to.

Let’s step back and think about what is happening-this is animal testing just like we boycott for cosmetics. It is the same testing that breeds dogs and cats to spend their whole lives bored and unloved-living in cages and it is the same testing where they are poked and prodded with needles. These poor dogs and cats need to stick their head in a hole to eat while being monitored.

Today there is commonly accepted published data on the nutritional needs of dogs and cats so animal testing in these inhumane lab settings is not required for the purpose of determine nutritional requirements. The sole reason your pet food has done animal testing is because they don’t know if these artificial and cheap processed Ingredients are good enough to keep your animal alive and if it will harm them.

Properly formulated pet food that uses real food ingredients (a food that isn’t waste products, highly processed and full of preservatives and artificial ingredients) doesn’t require animal testing for safety because it’s real food. Do you need to see that animal testing was done on your carrots and apples at the farmers market to be sure of its nutritional quality?

Let’s stop buying poor quality pet foods that require testing on animals, you shouldn’t feed it to your pet and the dogs and cats in these labs should get the chance to be a pet!

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