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The Top 10 Dog Friendly Cafes in Toronto-Tom&Sawyer takes Top Choice!

Tom&Sawyer topped the list, not only because we are the only cafe that serves food for dogs and has barista service for you but because we are the only place that actually allows your dog inside to chill out with you.

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Dottie’s Diet: Hello, Kangaroo! Goodbye, Steroids and Digestive Issues

Since being on the Kangaroo meals Dottie [...] is also off the steroids and doing fantastic!! This company truly cares about your pet's health.

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International Cat Day Gift Guide

International Cat Day 2017 is coming up Tuesday August 8th. We’re celebrating our feline friends with the cutest cat gifts out there.

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Sensitive Stomachs & Allergies: Pet Feeding Tips

Feeding pets with sensitive stomachs and allergies can be a challenge. Learn some tips on how to identify and treat your dog or cat's sensitive stomach.

Pet Health Testimonials

Daisy’s Days Aren’t Happy Without Her Tom&Sawyer

Daisy's mom tells her story of the difference even a little bit of Tom&Sawyer pet meals makes in her dog's daily life and their joint pursuit of health, happiness and tasty foods!

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Why Corn Has A Bad Reputation

Corn in its natural state and is gently cooked is digested well by dogs and contains essential nutrients for their overall good health.

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10 Reasons To Reconsider Feeding Your Pet Traditional Pet Food

You'll be surprised to learn these facts about the traditional pet food industry, and may want to start feeding your family pet more real food.

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Top 5 Things to Consider When Deciding to Get a Pet

Dogs and cats provide such positive health benefits to humans, and with some thought and planning you can provide a great life to your new pet as well.

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Concerning Contaminants Found In Pet Foods: A Must Watch Video

900 best selling pet foods tested for over 130 contaminates at levels high enough to kill or severely damage pets. Watch this video from CBS.

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Pet Meals: Keeping Pets Healthy & Happy On A Tight Schedule

Pouring some kibble into a bowl is so fast and simple, but is it providing your cat or dog with the nutrition they deserve? Read this article to learn about the benefits of fresh food for your pets.

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Can Dogs & Cats Eat Vegan?

While some dogs are able to adapt to vegetarian diets, balancing the nutrition is still difficult. For cats, meat-free diets are much riskier, and potentially fatal.

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Top 5 Things To Ask Your Veterinarian About Your Pet’s Nutrition Needs

Don't feel pressured into making a diet decision for your cat or dog. Here are 5 questions to ask when your veterinarian suggests your pet can only eat a food they sell.

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The Wonders of Omega-3 Fish Oil


Fitness Leader Includes his Dog in Promoting Family Health

One of the leading health and fitness gurus in Canada understands that proper nutrition and diet is 80% of promoting pet health, so Molly only eats Tom&Sawyer!


Lucy Loves Her Dog Meals and Liver Rosebuds!

After eating Tom&Sawyer food for a few weeks, Lucy had a lot more energy and overall she just seemed happier. We noticed a huge difference in her health over the past year.

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Tom&Sawyer Ranked #10 of 100 Top Dog Food Blogs & Websites

Tom&Sawyer is pleased to be part of the top 10 of the 100 best dog food blogs or websites on the planet! Our blog is as fresh as our meals are!!

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What Are Pet Meals?

Pet Meals is a new category of higher quality real food nutrition for your cats and dogs. Stop feeding kibble and other processed fake ingredient diets to your pet.

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How Do I Figure Out My Pet’s Calorie Needs?

Your pet doesn’t just need the best pet meals, they need the right amount of food. Use this tool to calculate your cat or dog's daily caloric needs.


Tyson’s Eye Condition Resolved – No More Drops!

Learn how husky mix Tyson and his mom Cara use Tom&Sawyer dog meals to resolve a serious eye condition that had required daily eye medication drops.

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A Dog’s Sense of Taste

Dogs did indeed evolve from the wolf but the domesticated dog is a far cry from these wild animals. Learn about their sense of taste and how they develop food preferences.

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What Does a Cat Taste?

Cats love fat, protein and care about texture. They can't taste sweet and avoid bitter. Learn more about the fascinating world of the feline flavour profile.

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Don’t Be Fooled By "Human-Grade" Pet Food Claims

Don't waste your money on pet foods that market themselves using the deceptive term "human-grade". Learn more in this article about Tom&Sawyer real food vs human-grade.

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What are Essential Nutrients for Dogs and Cats?

here has been 4 main categories of essential nutrients for dogs (other than water): protein, fat, minerals and vitamins.

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Cats Benefit From a Diet of Real Food Ingredients

Cats are what we call obligate carnivores. An obligate carnivore must eat other animals in order to thrive and it they have to eat meat as the main source of their nutrients.

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Real Food Ingredients for Dogs

Tom&Sawyer starts every recipe exactly the same way you shop for your family, picking out fresh food ingredients as the basis for the meal.

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The Tom&Sawyer 5 Promises

Nutritionally balanced dog and cat food made with human grade ingredients, gently cooked by trained chefs in an open concept kitchen, using food safety gold standards.

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The Benefits of Real Food Nutrition

Real food nutrition for cats and dogs have so many health benefits, from resolving physical conditions to improved mental and emotional health.

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What is "Ash" Doing On Pet Food Labels?

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Red Tomatoes-not a hazard but a healthy food for dogs

Juicy red ripe tomatoes are insanely healthy for dogs, they are packed with lycopene and other cancer fighting properties. It is the stem that is potentially toxic to dogs.


Doggie Yoga – June 3, 2017

Do you wish there were more activities for you and your loyal companion to share together? Don’t miss Tom & Sawyer’s “Doggie Yoga” or DOGA event May 13, 2017.

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The Truth About Canola Oil

Canola oil is a very healthy source of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, making it an ideal ingredient for dog food, if a non-gmo oil is used. Find out why in this article.

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Entice Picky Eaters With Gravy for Dogs and Cats

Try this homemade gravy recipe for dogs and cats to entice them to eat their food. The ingredients are safe for dogs and cats and can be used to promote drinking water.

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Why do cats love olives?

The green olive and pimento inside share similar traits to catnip that cause cats to react in ways that humans find funny. Learn why this happens to your kitty.

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The Benefits of Kangaroo Meat

Kangaroo meat is very low in fat and high in protein making it a great choice for dogs with pancreatitis or needing a low calorie diet for weight control.

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Tom&Sawyer Named Top Dog Friendly Cafe – Go Fetch Blog

Tom&Sawyer's Toronto (Leslieville) retail store location has been named a Top Dog Friendly Cafe in Ontario by Go Fetch Blog.

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What Foods Are Best For My Dog?

Fresh foods promote the best health for your dog to live a longer life. Avoid processed dog foods full of preservatives. Learn what foods are good for dogs to eat.

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The Healthy Butcher And Her Knife

Selecting the best meats and knowing how to butcher properly is a skill that Chef Trish Donnelly has mastered and uses daily making the best fresh dog and cat food available.

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Italian Beef Pasta Recipe

Fresh cooked dog food made with hormone free, antibiotic free beef humanely raised in Ontario. Learn more about this top selling specialty dog food.

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Tummy Tamer To The Rescue

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New Low Fat Dog Meals Unveiled

Our brand new Holistic dog food diet are nutritious low fat, limited ingredient dog meals for pets with pancreatitis and other gastrointestinal issues.

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Why Tom&Sawyer Exists…

Founders Kristin Matthews and Peter Zakarow discuss why they started Tom&Sawyer as a business when their Yorkie-Poo Sawyer refused to eat any traditional pet food.

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Fresh Preservative-Free Chef Made Treats!

Research shows that preservatives are a leading cause of unhealthy dogs and cats, so we make our pet meals and treats without using any preservatives.

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Most Small Pet Food Companies Use Incorrect Feeding Information

Research shows that most cooked and raw pet food companies provide the wrong nutrition information to customers. Learn what your pets need!

Pet Food Industry

Cruel Animal Testing Used in Pet Food Feeding Trials

Most traditional pet food brands use specially bred dogs and cats for testing. We don't support this! Learn more.

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5 Reasons Why Raw Pet Food Can Be Harmful to Your Dog

Domesticated dogs have low stomach acidity compared to their ancestors. So they can't digest raw food properly and are exposed to sickness from bacteria.

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10 Years After the Biggest Mass Death of Pets from Tainted Pet Food – What Have We Learned?

Learn about the biggest mass pet death from tainted pet food, and what still needs to change. Most companies haven't learned the lesson. Be informed!

Pet Health

Detox Cleanse For Your Pet

Feeding your pet our real food meals is a fantastic detox from the dangerous preservatives and chemical additives in processed traditional pet food.

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Tom&Sawyer Co-Founder Kristin Matthews Featured in March ’17 CPA Magazine

CPA Canada Magazine featured Kristin Matthews after Tom&Sawyer pet meals became part of employee benefits packages. Can you get your pets covered too?

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Why Real Food Nutrition is So Important To Your Pet

Watch as our Tom&Sawyer founders talk about how better nutrition can make our pets much healthier, happier and live longer.

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GypsyCanine Blog Lists Tom&Sawyer as Best Fresh Cooked Dog Food

Thanks to GypsyCanine for choosing us as the best option for fresh cooked pet food in Toronto. Read the entire blog article about what they liked about us.