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What is Loyal Companion Pricing?

cat food and dog food pricing deals

Tom&Sawyer rewards pups and kitties who visit us regularly to stock up on all their favourite meals!

After your first purchase (which you can save big on with the NEWFRESH50 code) you will automatically be enrolled in the Loyal Companion program.

Not only will you receive 20% off on our chef made treats and 15% off on curated extras (like first aid, cool meal stations and bath products) but you will receive preferred pricing on pet meals, as explained below:


Loyal Companion Program

As a member of our Loyal Companion Program, you will receive additional discounts based on the frequency of how often you order and on the volume of pet meals you purchase.

Loyal Companion

(Frequent Ordering)

Extra-Loyal Companion

(Volume Ordering)

If you order at least once per month, you receive 20% off Chef Made Treats, and 15% off all extras purchased.

This discount will start with your second order and all future orders that take place within 30 days of the previous order.

We provide volume discount pricing as follows:

  • + 5% off each bag @ 30-49 bags/month
  • + 10% off each bag @ 50-59 bags/month
  • + 15% off each bag @ 60-79 bags/month
  • + 20% off each bag @ 80-139 bags/month
  • + 25% off each bag @ over 140 bags/month

* call us at (647) 247-3212 or email moc.r1500698196eywas1500698196dnamo1500698196t@sre1500698196dro1500698196 to activate your volume discount.