Behind The Scenes In the Press

Tom&Sawyer Featured in Greybrook Magazine

Greybrook Magazine recently published a new issue that included an article about Tom&Sawyer titled “Retailtainment”. The article tells the story of our quest to develop the best cat and dog nutrition in the world through cooked pet food products that are safe for humans to eat, our love of pets and why we do what we do, and how we strive to revolutionize the world of pet food from just a mundane part of shopping to an interactive and positive experience for families to enjoy alongside their pets.

The article features some great photos including our Toronto kitchen where pet food is prepared by a culinary team; the founders Kristin Matthews and Peter Zakarow sitting in the pet friendly lounge with their dog Sawyer (who’s pretty much the main boss!), and one of our beloved regulars – Bella, a Weimaraner who’s daily routine includes a Tom&Sawyer dog muffin for breakfast and of course lots of treats from the staff (which she has come to expect & even demand!)

We didn’t set out with the goal of being a leader in retailtainment, this is not retailtainment for entertainment’s sake or marketing gimmickry. This business is focused on providing all the things that lead our pets to live a nourished life, from nutrition to being part of a loving community. We will do anything to extend their time with us.”

– Kristin Matthews, Founder

We wanted to create a beautiful retail space where customers could engage in a totally different kind of experience with their pet while also being transparent in making our meals and treats on-site.”

– Peter Zakarow, Founder

You can read the rest of the article, as well as see all the photos here: