Introducing the Loyal Companion Referral, Tom&Sawyer Ambassador, Loyal Companion VIP Pricing and Volume Pricing Programs!

We are excited to announce many new ways that our growing Tom&Sawyer customer family is rewarded for spreading the word and sharing the love!

Loyal Companion Referral Program

We will soon be announcing the launch of our new referral program where our Loyal Companion Tom&Sawyer family members get their own Referral code and can share it with friends.  When someone places an order using your code, not only do they get a special first order discount, but you get free Meals!   This program will be formally launched in late July 2019.

Tom&Sawyer Ambassador Program

We will soon be announcing the launch of our new Ambassador program where Tom&Sawyer Ambassadors are provided a way to share a special ambassador code to promote new customers to experience Tom&Sawyer, where the ambassador will earn money based on the volume of new Tom&Sawyer first time orders they generate.

Loyal Companion VIP and Volume Pricing Program

It doesn’t cost very much to feed a small dog like Sawyer (10lbs – acts like he is 150lbs!!!) but it can add up when you want to provide the healthiest and tastiest nutrition to your larger dog or multi-pet family!  That’s why Tom&Sawyer provides an automatic volume pricing program to all of our customers.  However, for those who meet larger volume amounts over a 30 day period (but not in one order), we provide the Loyal Companion VIP Program, where you always get your special discounting online, as long as you maintain the total volume amount over a 30 day period.

We provide volume discount pricing on pet meals as follows:

  • + 5% off each bag @ 30-49 bags/month (30 day period)
  • + 10% off each bag @ 50-59 bags/month (30 day period)
  • + 15% off each bag @ 60-79 bags/month (30 day period)
  • + 20% off each bag @ 80-139 bags/month (30 day period)
  • + 25% off each bag @ over 140 bags/month (30 day period)

* Note:  These discounts are always offered automatically online when a single order meets
these volume amounts.  Please contact us if you feel that you qualify for VIP pricing spread
across multiple orders in a 30 day period.

Contact us at (647) 247-3212 ext 1 or with any questions.