What is The Loyal Companion, Volume Pricing and our VIP Delivery Program?

Tom&Sawyer rewards pets who purchase larger amounts of meals from us regularly!

Once you begin ordering regularly, you will receive your own special code to use on checkout to receive discounts on your regular order of pet meals as well as discounts our chef made treats and curated extras (like first aid, cool meal stations and bath products).

If you live in the City of Toronto (“M’ Postal Code), you will also be eligible to receive special complimentary VIP delivery service.

Details of the program is below:

Loyal Companion & Volume Ordering Program

As a member of our Loyal Companion Program, you will receive additional discounts based on the frequency of how often you order and on the volume of pet meals you purchase.

Loyal Companion

(Volume Ordering)

We provide volume discount pricing on pet meals as follows:

  • + 5% off each bag @ 30-49 bags/month (30 day period)
  • + 10% off each bag @ 50-59 bags/month (30 day period)
  • + 15% off each bag @ 60-79 bags/month (30 day period)
  • + 20% off each bag @ 80-139 bags/month (30 day period)
  • + 25% off each bag @ over 140 bags/month (30 day period)

We also do one-time large volume pricing discounts. Use the following discount codes at the final checkout page:

volume30 : for pet meal orders over $240
volume50 : for pet meal orders over $400
volume60 : for pet meal orders over $480
volume80 : for pet meal orders over $640
volume120: for pet meal orders over $960

* call us at (647) 247-3212 ext 1 or email to ask any questions about your volume discount.