Loyal Companion Volume Pricing Programs!

Loyal Companion VIP and One-Time Bulk Purchase Pricing Program

It doesn’t cost very much to feed a small dog like Sawyer (10lbs – acts like he is 150lbs!!!) but it can add up when you want to provide the healthiest and tastiest nutrition to your larger dog or multi-pet family!  That’s why Tom&Sawyer provides two ways of receiving automatic discounts.

ONE TIME BULK PURCHASES-for each of the below tier levels, the discount will be automatically applied to your cart on checkout.

LOYAL COMPANION VIP PROGRAM: set up your account online, fill out the pet profile form and then after you have placed your first order, please contact us using our LIVECHAT (the talk bubble at the bottom right of website) or at to enrol in this program. We will place you in the applicable tier based on your pet’s meal plan. Every 30 days the tier plans will adjust to the correct tier if your meal plan changes.

We provide volume discount pricing on pet meals* as follows:

  • + 5% off each bag @ 28-59 packages/month (30 day period)
  • + 10% off each bag @ 60-89 packages/month (30 day period)
  • + 15% off each bag @ 90-139 packages/month (30 day period)
  • + 20% off each bag @ over 140 packages/month (30 day period)

*excludes muffins, b’ausages and chef boxes.

Above discounts are always offered automatically online when a single order meets
these volume amounts.  Please contact us if you feel that you qualify for VIP pricing spread
across multiple orders in a 30 day period.

Contact us at (647) 247-3212 ext 1 or or use our LIVECHAT with any questions.

REMEMBER: the referral program is another way to earn free meals, check out the details and your unique referral code to share with new customers to Tom&Sawyer in your Account area when you are logged in!

Bon Appétit!