Welcome to our NEW Tom&Sawyer Website

Do you want your dogs and cats to live longer, happier and healthier lives?  We sure do.  They ARE family after all!  Tom&Sawyer ( is Canada’s leader in providing the tastiest nutritious meals for pets, using real food ingredients from farm-to-bowl, made by chefs in an open kitchen, and delivered right to your front door across Canada.

Starting today, it is even easier to learn about our fresh pet meals and how to get the right amount quickly delivered to your front door!

Tom&Sawyer’s mission is to bring real human food, nutritionally balanced for dogs and cats, to more pet parents across Canada and soon across the US.  We have all learned the benefits of proper nutrition to promote a healthier and longer life for our family members, yet we still feed our pets products that are sold in the cleaning supply aisle of grocery stores.  Think about this, especially in relation to the increase in pet illnesses and associated health costs.  Tom&Sawyer does just about everything at the opposite end of the spectrum from traditional pet food makers, in an attempt to disrupt a market that is very closed to any public/consumer scrutiny and doesn’t place priority on the health and longevity of pet lives.

Having retail stores with open kitchens where trained chefs use real food ingredients may seem as extravagant to some, but we see it very differently.  It is effectively impossible to see how traditional pet food is made, including the ingredients used, so openness and honestly is a good counter balance to the misleading marketing used by traditional pet food conglomerates.  Where traditional pet food is highly processed “fast food”, Tom&Sawyer doesn’t see their real food meals as a “treat” or for “pampered” pets, but rather as action against the growing number of illnesses affecting our pets and the increasing expense for medications and vet visits.

Getting pet owners to be more active to improve their pet’s health is the reason Tom&Sawyer exists.  We make it easy to order pet meals, and to deliver it right to your door.