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Toto Takes on the Show World!

Tom&Sawyer’s Loyal Companions have come to be a part of our pack for many different reasons. In this inaugural spotlight story on our fantastic customers, we have chosen to have you meet Toto, a special little Frenchie who has become quite the awarded show dog in Canada!

Within months of Tom&Sawyer first opening its Leslieville doors in early 2016, we met Cherry and Andrew, eagerly expecting parents of Toto. We sat down with them to listen to their reasons for wanting to educate themselves on Tom&Sawyer’s pet meals. They told us that they believed their prior dogs’ health issues were at least partly attributable to diet and they wanted to provide Toto with the best nutrition possible as soon as he came home. We quickly realized that Toto’s soon-to-be parents were interviewing us and that our reason for creating Tom&Sawyer was appreciated by other people who wanted to take a proactive position in their pet’s health, just like us.

Cherry & Andrew share their words of what it means to feed Tom&Sawyer dog meals to Toto (and now also their newest Frenchie named Sheldon):

Selecting Tom&Sawyer set a solid foundation for Toto’s health and show success. Many Frenchie owners have diet related health issues, which we’ve been able to avoid. The team at Tom&Sawyer continues to innovate and are always there to keep our boys happy and healthy.” Cherry & Andrew

As we watched Toto grow into a beautiful little Frenchie, we learned that Cherry & Andrew began showing Toto in Canada. He became part of the show circuit in 2016 and quickly got his nose out ahead of the pack! We have followed Toto’s show achievements and wanted to share them with all of our Loyal Companions.

In 2017, Toto had an amazing year in show and finished as Top No.5 French Bulldog in Canada overall!

The last show of the year for Canada in 2017 resulted in a 4th placement for the Non-Sporting Group which put him behind the #1, #2 and #5 of the entire Non-Sporting Group in Canada. What is not surprising to us but makes Toto’s parents proud, is that he didn’t win at the hands of a professional handler but Toto’s dad Andrew is Toto’s handler. These are definitely hands-on pet parents and we love it! Toto’s achievements will have him heading south this Spring to begin showing in the US and a goal of appearing at Westminster in 2019.

We are so proud of Toto, a Tom&Sawyer Loyal Companion from his first few weeks of life and look forward to seeing his continued success in showing and eventually at Westminster!

Tom&Sawyer loves to know all the achievements of its Loyal Companions, please make sure to keep us in the loop at and we would love to share great news with the pack!