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Tom&Sawyer Recognized as Top Global Retailing Concept

Tom&Sawyer Recognized as Top Global Retailing Concept in Prestigious Euromonitor International Report

CHICAGO – Global market research company Euromonitor International released a new report titled “What’s New in Retail: Emerging Global Concepts in 2016/2017”. The report showcases the diversity and richness of the retail industry worldwide, highlighting top global concepts that represent the future of retail and ever-evolving shopper environment.

Tom&Sawyer is highlighted in the report as the #2 ranked best concept in the non-grocery category in over 80 countries.  Euromonitor notes “From using human-grade ingredients to preparing pet food on-site, the company’s unique in- store experience, brand positioning and products are drivers behind it’s recognition in Euromonitor International’s report.”  Tom&Sawyer leads a global trend of Retailtainment, where an element of entertainment is added to the retail shopping experience, and just happens to be doing it in one of the fastest growth markets globally – premium dog and cat food.  

Tom&Sawyer is the global market leader in addressing healthy lifestyle and nutrition trends, where people want to know the origin and content of their food, along with the trend of pet humanization where dogs and cats are seen as equal members of the family.    While there are some recent competitors in Tom&Sawyer’s space in North America, no one is focused on such transparency, adhering to strict human food health guidelines, in  providing actual real food that consumers instantly recognize, that has been scientifically balanced to provide the new global gold standard in pet nutrition.  While new entrants leverage the lack of pet industry regulation to make claims of “human-grade”, which is an effectively meaningless characterization given that pet food companies use waste from “human-grade” processing facilities and do not follow health guidelines given that these ingredients are unfit for public health protocols for human food, Tom&Sawyer is the only company in the global survey that actually uses choice restaurant ingredients in their meals, made by certified chefs.  They turn traditional pet food industry deceptive marketing practices on their head by allowing people to watch the pet meals being made in their stores and online, which really appeals to growing consumer demands.  Tom&Sawyer is poised for significant global growth, and have already achieved global trusted brand status in under a year.

Tom&Sawyer is also the only Canadian company in the 2016/17 global innovation rankings for retail, and is the only pet industry player.

To learn more, download the “What’s New in Retail: Emerging Global Concepts in 2016” report.