How It Works

How Much Food?

Which Recipes?

Delivered How?

1.  Interested in a healthier pet, reducing vet costs, and maybe dealing with a pet health issue?  That’s why you are here!
2.  How much food to order?  Use our Feeding Guide.  Then choose your desired meal recipes.
3.  Add other therapeutic products like our bone broths and healthy treats to your cart.
4.  During check-out, decide how you want to receive your order (see below to learn about options and restrictions based on your location)
5.  Receive your order and watch our delicious preventative nutrition transform your family pet!
6.  Next order, try new recipes and offer variety!  Set up regular flexible subscription!

How Much to Feed – Using Our Feeding Guide

Our family dogs and cats have energy requirements similar to humans.  First we determine how many calories per day they require, based on their size and activity level (life stage), using our Feeding Guide  – which is found on every dog and cat meal product page, and also here:

Feeding Guide for Dogs

Feeding Guide for Cats

This provides an estimate, but every pet is different and we find most pets require less than what the Feeding Guide recommends of our highly bioavailable Tom&Sawyer pet meals!

Now you will determine how you want to meet the daily calorie requirement for your dog. If you want the optimal nutrition, you will feed your pet 100% of their calories from Tom&Sawyer meals and treats, but we also have customers who use our meals as a “mix-in” with a cheaper traditional pet food (like kibble) so they can still budget for better nutrition. We also have customers who feed our meals a few days per week as a nutritional “treat” meal.  The Feeding Guide displays estimated quantity and cost for full or partial meal plans.

You can then choose which meal recipes you’d like to get for your pet, and add them to your cart.

How To Receive Tom&Sawyer


During the checkout process to place your order, Now you will choose how you want to get your order from Tom&Sawyer. You have multiple options:

a. Toronto Area Pick-Up – you can pick up an order of any size at our Toronto Retail Store.

b. Toronto Area Local Deliveryfor orders larger than 14lbs of pet meals (14 dog meals, 14 cats meals, or any combination), we use a variety of methods to deliver your order directly to you if you live in the Greater Toronto Area.  Find out more about Local Delivery.

c. Canada Wide Shipping outside of Toronto AreaCLICK FOR DETAILS