Our Story

Hi! I’m Kristin, mom to Sawyer, a 10 pound Yorkie-Poo, who is the real founder of Tom&Sawyer. Surprised? Read on.

Like many innovative businesses, we started Tom&Sawyer because we needed to solve a problem and couldn’t find anything available. From the moment Sawyer arrived home, he refused to eat kibble and every day we struggled with getting him to eat enough to grow and survive. We tried several brands and one day I actually smelled inside the bag and thought “if it smells this bad, it must taste that way or probably worse” and then I looked at the listed ingredients on the package and was equally grossed out.

There is no way I would ever eat this dog food, even if someone dared me, so why should I ask my dog to eat this every single day of his life?

I started thinking about how little I knew about the pet food industry, where they source ingredients, how pet food is made and how I blindly trusted that this kibble was a proper diet for my dog when we know that processed, preservative heavy food is causing so many health issues in humans. So, with my professional background in research and investigation, I began diving into the pet food industry and what I learned shocked and upset me.

I knew that I was never feeding kibble or canned food to Sawyer again. After a failed attempt at trying a commercial raw food diet (he became very sick with E.Coli poisoning from bacteria in the raw dog food), our vet helped us learn how to properly prepare cooked pet food at home, using specially formulated recipes and a vitamin & mineral blend to balance his nutritional needs. Sawyer not only loved his new cooked food but thrived on it. Every meal was no longer stressful but instead was an exciting time when he would spin in anticipation of his food.

Everyone has busy lives and ours were no exception. I spent a lot of time trying to find a company that sold fresh cooked dog food comparable to what we were making and didn’t use waste products or rejected food from the human food chain. There was nothing out there that met our criteria so we put together a team of animal health and nutrition experts, as well as trained chefs, and created the best pet food you could ever feed your beloved cats and dogs.

Every recipe our chefs make at Tom&Sawyer is one that we proudly feed Sawyer. We would not cut any corners when it comes to his health and well-being so this is our quality promise to you and your pet.

We trust that your pets will love the taste of our fresh cooked meals and enjoy the variety of eating different recipes every day, whether you decide to feed only Tom&Sawyer or include our foods as part of a healthy diet. We know that you will see a big difference by introducing healthy, fresh foods to their diet.

We invite you and your pet to become part of the Tom&Sawyer family, we exist to promote happier, healthier, longer lives for our beloved cats and dogs.

Kristin Matthews
Co-founder of Tom&Sawyer and Mom to Sawyer

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