Why Corn Has A Bad Reputation

Corn has gotten a bad rap in pet food for a variety reasons, mainly that it is seen as a cheap filler in kibble. This is true of “Animal Feed Grade” corn, which is waste and often contaminated and could not be sold into the human food chain.  This corn can contain mold and is heavily processed whereby any nutrients are killed through exposure to the high heat process used to make kibbles.

Dogs that are seemingly “allergic” to corn usually are reacting to the overall poor quality of the dog food ingredients they are consuming, not the corn specifically (although the corn itself in kibble is often an inferior grade of corn product).

Corn in its natural state (that is gently cooked) is digested well by dogs and contains essential nutrients for their overall good health, just as it is for humans.  It contains minerals, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and fiber.

Try Tom&Sawyer’s Farmers Market recipe, a chicken breast, chicken liver and fresh fruits and vegetables recipe, and see the difference real whole corn makes in your dog’s diet.