What Foods Are Best For My Dog?

When it comes to feeding dogs for health and top nutrition, the first thing to know is that fresh is best.

These are some of the best fresh foods you can feed your dog:

  • fresh meats that have stayed within the human food chain (sold straight from the butcher or grocer display case) that are cooked to ensure ease of digestion and safety from bacteria for everyone in the home
  • fresh vegetables from your local market (green vegetables pack the most nutrition punch!) served cooked or raw
  • whole eggs that have been cooked are nature’s most complete food source
  • cooked whole grains in oatmeal, rice and pasta are loaded with healthy vitamins and minerals as well as a great energy source that keeps the tummy full longer (it is true that dogs do not need carbohydrates to live but neither do we, it is┬ástrictly a great source of nutrition and adds to a well rounded diet).

Making the move to fresh food changes the lives of dogs in so many ways and strengthens the bond you have with your dog.