Top 5 Benefits of Our Turkey Dinner Recipe

Our Turkey Dinner recipe is low in fat and contains limited ingredients to help dogs suffering from Pancreatitis, GI issues, as well as food sensitives or allergies. It has been formulated to be 20g fat/1000kcal, the recommended maximum levels for dogs with a fat level intolerance. This recipe is also great for the furry companions that have ended up on the heavy side of the weight spectrum. Here are the top 5 health benefits to our Turkey Dinner recipe:

#1 . Low-fat Protein – Low in fat but high in protein. The extra lean ground turkey and light tuna (lower in mercury than other tunas) meet the protein requirements for a fully balanced meal but also are low enough in calories to promote satiety for healthy weight control.

#2 . Gluten-Free – Great for dogs who need an easily digestible, gluten-free diet. This recipe contains healthy grains and provides a good source of energy for your pooch!

#3 . Vitamins and Minerals – Beneficial levels of B-complex vitamins for good blood circulation, nerve function and protects against heart disease. Our Turkey Dinner is loaded with iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper and selenium. High levels of B-vitamins reduce the risk of heart disease and assist calcium absorption for stronger bones!

#4 . Limited Ingredients – Because this recipe only has 5 food ingredients, and our proprietary blend of supplements, it is a good choice for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities. It contains parboiled white rice and very lean protein which makes it easily digestible and can help upset stomachs and diarrhea in dogs.

#5 . Green Peas – Peas are low in fat but high in protein and fibre, which makes them perfect for this recipe! They also have anti-inflammatory properties and can support blood sugar regulation!

Turkey Dinner isn’t just a meal we think about during the holidays. This recipe has had incredible success with so many dogs who need a specialized fresh food diet. Whether your dog needs help losing weight, managing their allergies or has been diagnosed with a health issue like Pancreatitis, this recipe is a healthy, low-fat option to add into their meal rotations.

Note: Dogs requiring specialized diets for health issues should always be monitored by their veterinarian to ensure the diet supports their unique health requirements. We also suggest refraining from feeding low fat recipes to growing puppies or consult with your veterinarian to include additional sources of essential fatty acids.




Turkey Dinner