Top 5 Benefits of Our Pork Sweet Potato Hash Recipe

Our Pork Sweet Potato Hash recipe is the talk of the dog park – loaded with flavour to keep even those picky eaters interested. This recipe contains lean ground pork, sweet potatoes, apples, spinach and eggs to deliver a tasty kick-start to their day! Here are the top 5 reasons to feed this recipe to your beloved finicky eater:

#1 . Complete Protein – Pork is actually the most consumed protein in the world! We use ground pork for our meals, and to achieve our ‘lean’ rating we use primarily pork loin. Pork is high in protein and is designated as a ‘complete protein’ as it includes all essential amino acids required for pet health.

#2 . Moisture – Water is the most important nutrient to sustain life, which is why it’s so terrible that kibble removes your pet’s most important nutrient for the sake of convenience. This recipe has high moisture content, which is extremely helpful for dogs prone to dehydration or with urinary track issues.

#3 . Vitamins & Minerals – This recipe is high in antioxidants (disease-fighting compounds) and healthy fibre. It also contains vitamin C and beta-carotene (converted to vitamin A in dogs), B-complex vitamins such as riboflavin, thiamin, and pyridoxine, and is a great source of vitamin K, magnesium, folate, manganese, zinc, iron and those healthy poly-unsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs)!

#4 . Gently Cooked – Our gently steamed method to cook spinach releases higher levels of beta-carotene for heart health, lutein for strong eyesight and calcium for overall bone health.

#5 . Eggs – One of the most complete and highly digestible food sources out there, eggs are all around a great addition to your dog’s diet. Eggs will assist in that beautiful and shiny coat. They are also an excellent source of protein and fatty acids.


Why wait a minute longer? This high-protein meal will supercharge the way your pup feels about meal time!




Pork Sweet Potato Hash