Top 5 Benefits of Our B’apples Recipe

B’apples each day keeps the vets at bay! This incredible recipe has everything your dog needs to fuel their bodies. The simplicity of fresh and tasty ingredients is the backbone of our B’apples recipe.  Lean ground beef is the primary ingredient on the menu, followed by beef liver, healthy fruits & vegetables, farm eggs, and oils for all of the Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids that your furry companion needs for complete nutrition. Let’s take a look at the important benefits this recipe adds to your dog’s overall health.

#1 . High-Quality Beef – Our high-quality, complete beef protein comes from Ontario farms and is antibiotic free and hormone free. Our lean ground beef contains healthy omega-3 fatty acids (anti-inflammatory) and provides all essential amino acids for a healthy skin & coat. We also include beef liver in this recipe, which is a great source of iron for brain and nerve health.

#2 . Grain/Gluten Free – This is a great recipe for dogs with a grain or gluten intolerance. This recipe only contains meat, fruit/veg and egg. Eggs are also an excellent source of protein and fatty acids to assist in that beautiful and shiny fur.

#3 . Benefits of Apple – Apples are a great source of healthy fibre, vitamin C, and beta-carotene – which gets converted into vitamin A.

#4 . Benefits of Carrots – Carrots help to protect good vision for night prowling and assists in heart disease prevention! They also have cancer-fighting benefits.

#5 . Vitamins and Minerals – This recipe will fuel your dog with a good source of iron and is high in antioxidants to help fight off disease. It is also a good source of B-complex vitamins such as riboflavin, thiamin, and pyridoxine.

Our B’apples recipe may be made up of simple ingredients, but the benefits this will have for your dog are plentiful. It’s no wonder our B’apples recipe has been such a huge hit with your pups!