The Benefits of Kangaroo Meat

Kangaroo as a meat ingredient¬†in dog food has many advantages that make it an ideal source of protein. ¬†Here are some key benefits of including kangaroo in your pooch’s bowl:

  • it is naturally the leanest red meat protein so is an ideal choice for dogs suffering from conditions requiring low fat diets (such as pancreatitis)
  • the low levels of fat that are present are unsaturated fats (the good kind!)
  • kangaroo is among the best zinc and iron levels of any meat
  • all kangaroos are wild, there is no farming in existence so they live humane, free lives in a natural habitat
  • the entire harvest operation is government regulated to adhere to strict principles of sustainability
  • Kangaroos produce very little methane gas so are environmentally conscious animals! Cows and sheep are pretty big culprits of producing ozone damaging levels of methane gas

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