Tummy Tamer To The Rescue

Have you ever wondered why Veterinarians suggest that you feed your dog chicken and rice when their stomach is upset or they have just had surgery? There are a few different reasons why but the main reasons are that both ingredients are gentle on a canine stomach and are relatively bland so it will be more likely to not come back up.

Tom&Sawyer makes your work a little easier during troubled times by preparing this 911 recipe for you.  It is cooked and flash frozen in 454g packages, so stocking up on a few packages in your freezer when trouble strikes is a great idea!  Just take one of our Tummy Tamer packages and run warm water over it in the sink to thaw and come up to room temperature when your dog is not feeling their best.  Serve small amounts and store the remaining Tummy Tamer in a food storage container in your fridge for up to 4 days.

It’s exactly what the doctor ordered – literally.  It is inevitable, dogs get sick and having this meal ready in your freezer really helps out.  Include Tummy Tamer in your pet meals order today.