Top 5 Benefits of Our Italian Beef Pasta Recipe

Did you know that our Italian Beef Pasta Recipe is our #1 best seller?! It has been flying off the shelves and into pups bellies, all across Canada. This tasty dish is packed with beef liver, lean ground beef, broccoli, eggs, spinach, canola oil, omega 3 fish oil, semolina pasta and tomato puree. Check out the top 5 reasons to feed your furry companion our delicious pasta recipe:

#1 . High-Quality Meats Our humanely raised beef comes from Ontario farms, is antibiotic free, hormone free and provides all the essential amino acids for a healthy skin & coat. Beef contains healthy omega-3 fatty acids (anti-inflammatory) and liver assists with brain and nerve health.

#2 . Daily Vitamins & MineralsOur Italian Beef Pasta recipe provides your dog with their daily dose of iron, niacin, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and selenium.

#3 . High-Quality FibreThe healthy fibre found in this recipe helps dogs feel full throughout the day and is an excellent source of B-vitamins, like folate and thiamine, for immunity from disease.

#4 . Steamed VegetablesWe steam our broccoli which increases the digestive process that helps lowers cholesterol. There are also phytochemicals present in broccoli, which have cancer fighting properties! Gently steaming our spinach releases high levels of beta-carotene for overall heart health, lutein to assist with strong eye sight and calcium for bone health.

#5 . Healthy Grains – Most commercial pet foods that have grain included as an ingredient, use grain by-products (as opposed to whole grains). These by-products cannot be digested by a dog’s system and end up passing through them. We use only human edible, whole grains that are of the highest quality! We also make sure to cook the grains fully, for easy digestibility, so they can provide carbs, fats and antioxidants to help keep skin and fur healthy and their immune system strong.

So, there you have the top 5 health benefits that come from our Italian Beef Pasta Recipe! When switching your pup to a fresh pet meal diet, the benefits are endless. They will no longer be weighed down by unhealthy byproducts and preservatives.

Tom&Sawyer is the highest-quality pet food on the market, starting with sourcing our ingredients from trusted Canadian farmers all the way to our gentle cooking process for maximum health benefits.  When we’re done, you have a fully balanced and extremely nutritional meal for that extra special family member in your life.




Italian Beef Pasta